🎮 Explanation of the Meta metaverse problem

🎮 Explanation of the Meta metaverse problem

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In today’s email:

  • dead: Good and Evil in Metaverse Zuk.
  • Schedule: Rotisserie Chicken Economics at Costco $4.99.
  • the work: Companies hire people with criminal records.
  • About the web: The most expensive dye, a cool music player, the first “Sesame Street”, and more cool stuff the Internet discovers.

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Big Idea

Zachary Crockett / Hustle

Is Zuk too early for metaverses?

Yesterday, it held Meta Meta Connect, an annual event dedicated to the company’s latest releases in AR and VR.

The event summarized the company’s progress over the past year and peeked at where its platforms are headed.

First, META’s good news

Made a promising Mita Ads Across the top VR use cases, including:

  • Social experiences: Partnership with NBCUniversal allows users to interact in an ‘office’ style virtual reality world
  • the games: The previously announced Iron Man VR game will be released on November 3
  • Fitness: ‘Active Pack’ for Meta Quest 2 Headphones That Can Better Handle Sweat
  • a job: Integration with Microsoft will make its applications available in VR

Meta also announced the Meta Quest Pro, a mixed reality headset that retails for $1,499 (compared to $399 for the Meta Quest 2).

But it’s not all good news

on Monday, CurriculumCasey Newton Hinge Zuck struggles to get employee approval for the metaverse:

  • In one survey, only 58% of Meta employees said they understood the company’s metaverse strategy.
  • Meta leadership recently complained to managers that employees aren’t using the company’s Horizon VR platform enough.

One problem, Newton poses, is that the company’s indirect efforts are too early, and employees are more interested in working on projects where they can have an immediate impact.

for what it’s worth, Zuk didn’t exactly refute it – in his opening speech, he faithful The event is for “people who prefer to be late for fashion”.


free: Prosecution Projection All charges brought Adnan Syed, the subject of the hit podcast “The Serial”, who spent 22 years in prison for the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Hye Min Lee.


snap chat In association with fancy dress on Feature It allows users to virtually try and buy Halloween costumes.

tik tokFulfillment centers in Los Angeles and Seattle are looking to “ensure rapid and sustainable growth of the TikTok store,” for every New vacancies.

US Department of Labor‘s new offer Temporary job workers can be reclassified as employees. Following the news, shares of Lyft (12%), Uber (~10%), and DoorDash (6%) fell.

Honda and LG be Partnership At a $3.5 billion battery plant in Ohio that is expected to create 2.2 thousand jobs.

Cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex was fined 24 million dollars To break US sanctions in Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria and the Crimea region of Ukraine.

The Google inserted Three new Chromebooks designed for cloud gaming. Google discontinued its gaming platform, Stadia, in 2023.

FT 1000 Insights: Our directions team has been reported financial topics List of the fastest growing private companies in Europe. Read about spleen, biopiracy, and members-only markets Inside Trends.


Zachary Crockett

The Economics of Costco Grilled Chicken

Chicken holds a special place in the heart of a carnivore.

This year, the average American will drop 99 pounds. Of chicken, it easily outweighed our consumption of beef (56 lbs), pork (52 lbs), and fish (19 lbs).

  • That’s about 20 whole chickens per person per year.

About 900 meters from 9.2 b The chicken we consume on a yearly basis is rotisserie chicken – birds that are cooked, seasoned, and ready to eat.

Out of 900 million chickens…

… 106 million were sold by one retailer: Costco.

The series debuted in Chicken circa 2000, priced at $4.99. More than two decades later – despite record inflation and rising production costs – they have become so resident $4.99.

Many of Costco’s chicken loyalists have been baffled by this pricing strategy.

Zack’s visual story explores the question: How profitable are these chickens?

Read the full story →
free resources

The Five Steps to a Strong Marketing Plan

Scheme cannot be set. That would be unwise.

Make your marketing plan a key element worth reconsidering – the thing that sets the tone and organizes your team for success. It should be a complete summary of strategy and logistical basics…

… which we have compiled for your convenience. watch the Five minute video.

The five-step method:

  • Mention the mission
  • Select buyer personas
  • Define a content strategy
  • Divide the budget
  • Define team responsibilities

Learn about HubSpot’s Remy’s ideas for a fictional travel agency.

Draw your own roadmap →
Second chances

Explanation of second chance employment

Second chance hiring occurs when companies hire people who were previously incarcerated.

transmitted across many industries, for every The Wall Street JournalThis is due, in part, to:

  • shortage of national labor
  • Groups such as the Second Chance Business Coalition, Which consists of more than 40 companies committed to this practice, including American Airlines, Target and Microsoft.

why does it matter

There are more than 70 million Americans with arrest or conviction records, and about 600,000 people are released from prison each year.

Can find a stable job Regression reductionbut there are often significant barriers.

  • more than 90% Employers perform background checks. A criminal record can reduce the chances of a second interview 50%.
  • 2018 Analytics It found that the unemployment rate among formerly incarcerated people exceeded 27%.

2014 report estimated 1.7 million to 1.9 million people are excluded from the workforce due to these barriers, costing the United States $78 billion – $87 billion in annual gross domestic product.

Second Chance Recruitment Results are Positive

Report of the 2021 Human Resource Management Association have found 85% of HR professionals felt that employees with criminal records performed as well or better than those without.

They also have less rotation ratesWhich in turn saves companies money.

Incidentally: Last week, we wrote about remote working that increases opportunities for people with disabilities.

About the web

🖥️ On this day: In 1988, NeXT Inc. NeXT . computer For the first time, he received high praise from Steve Jobs. Apple bought the company in 1997, and used its operating system as the basis for Mac OS X.

🖌️ Art: Watch Getty Conservation Institute attempt To create the ultra blue, the most expensive pigment ever.

🤗 that’s cool: Profile Megan Bivus Peace, the first full-time black woman with a doll engine to work on Sesame Street. She plays a 6-year-old girl named Gabrielle.

🌧️ Chill out: this site mimic looking out the window. Seasons pass, rain falls, hail music plays, and you can draw the aurora borealis.

🐍 Aww: And now, so small a snake.

me me

Few things will ever be better in VR. (Source: Imgflip)

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