Big Eyes Coin has developed an ecosystem that encompasses everything needed to succeed in cryptocurrency.

3 Cryptocurrencies to Invest Amid Inflation: Big Eyes Coin, Bitcoin and BNB

Bitcoin (BTC) and BNB (BNB) are cryptocurrencies that have methods of hedging against inflation. From limited supply to burning of their currency, Bitcoin and BNB offer their users a haven from inflation. big eyes coin (big) It is a new cryptocurrency that brings interest to the meme coin sector. It has seen impressive advance sales so far and can also save its users from inflation.

Utility Ecosystem – Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes Coin has developed an ecosystem that includes everything needed to succeed in cryptocurrency. From NFTs to regular charitable donations, Big Eyes Coin does it all! Once you enter the Big Eyes Coin platform, you will see their dedicated charitable wallet containing 5% of the tokens. Planning to donate these tokens to ocean conservation reserves!

Big Eyes coin is for the community. To show its dedication to its community, Big Eyes Coin is making 70% of the tokens available to the public in its pre-sale. The remaining 30% is split between a marketing portfolio, a charitable portfolio, and exchanges.

In addition, Big Eyes Coin has a dynamic tax system for NFTs. There is a 10% tax on NFTs, with 5% going to BIG token holders, 4% to the original seller, and 1% to charities. The NFTs tax system is a great way to generate passive income on the Big Eyes Coin platform, which can help save you from inflation.

Bitcoin Hedge Against Inflation

Bitcoin has been praised as a hedge against inflation. This is mainly due to the limited supply and the fact that central authorities such as banks cannot control it. In addition, Bitcoin is easy to access and decentralized.

Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world. Cryptocurrency jumped into the mainstream after its creation, which only increased its appeal. When Bitcoin reaches its maximum supply of 21 million, the coin will become scarce, and the demand will increase, which means that its value can persist over time.

Bitcoin is currently experiencing a positive trend. At the time of writing, Bitcoin has increased in value by 7.20% in the past seven days, taking its market cap to $386 billion! Bitcoin is enjoying its time at the top of the crypto market, protecting its users from inflation and helping some build fortunes.

BNB’s Quarterly Burns

BNB prides itself on being a deflationary currency. This means that it burns its tokens to maintain a constant value throughout the year. BNB hosts quarterly burns to reduce supply until it reaches its goal of trading 100 million BNB.

If you are new to crypto and are looking for ways to expand your knowledge before buying, you can with BNB! The vibrant platform allows you to take specialized courses to build your knowledge in the blockchain, giving you a chance to earn free crypto from it too!

Like Bitcoin, BNB has seen a positive trend in the past seven days. At the time of writing, BNB is up 5.93%. Its positive trend could continue into the future, making now an ideal time to buy BNB before the next quarterly burnout.

last thoughts

Bitcoin and BNB are two of the most successful cryptocurrencies in the market. Hedging against inflation, their popularity, and their high return potential have helped them cement their place at the top of the cryptocurrency market.

However, Big Eyes Coin has created an ecosystem that benefits its community and our environment. The sustainable meme coin has already raised $3 million in its presale, putting it on the radar of many crypto enthusiasts. If you are looking for a coin that can save you from inflation, look no further than Big Eyes Coin.

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