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7 Best Crypto Youtube Channels to Subscribe

YouTube offers easy-to-use and free content, making it a supportive educational platform that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Crypto YouTube channels now provide a wide range of content, from trading strategies to interviews with blockchain industry leaders.

The world of crypto is a dynamic environment. Price changes, new competitors, and unexpected events abound even on quiet market days. Keeping abreast of these developments as a crypto trader or investor is essential to making smart financial decisions.

The influx of new cryptocurrency investors has created a wealth of opportunities for crypto YouTubers. There are currently over 100,000 videos about cryptocurrency on YouTube, making it an important platform for people learning about crypto ownership and investing.

There are thousands of crypto influencers, but only a few of them are legit and trustworthy. To protect yourself, you should do your research before investing in any crypto influencer.

Here are the best encrypted YouTube channels that you should subscribe to. We hope that crypto influencers and content creators will help you understand the crypto market in a better and more efficient way.

1. Currency office:

Crypto Youtube Channel Coin Bureau

The crypto guy will be the first on our list. Simply put, when thinking of cryptocurrency and YouTube together, everyone immediately thinks of Guy from currency desk.

Guy, also known as the Coin Bureau, is a popular crypto influencer on YouTube and well worth following. The account has more than 2 million followers and more than 800 videos. Guy presents information and discussions in a straightforward manner, totally lacking in flair but rich in details about the crypto market, DeFi and blockchain.

Coin Bureau is an informative crypto YouTube channel for anyone interested in the world of virtual currencies. Since the content is informative, it is useful for those who want to delve deeper into the facts surrounding cryptocurrency without being distracted by the hype that other channels usually focus on.

The Guy from the Coin Bureau is worth following if you have been after the Crypto YouTube channel that can provide the most important news and well-researched content about the crypto market and blockchain technology.

2 – Andreas Antonopoulos:

Crypto Youtube Channel Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas Antonopoulos He is a well-known expert in bitcoin and open blockchain technologies. His books, The Internet of Money (3 volumes) and Mastering Bitcoin, are a must-read for crypto enthusiasts and novices alike. He has more than 320 thousand followers and more than 700 videos.

In 2012, Antonopoulos became fascinated with Bitcoin. He eventually gave up his job as an independent consultant and started speaking at conferences about bitcoin, advising startups, and writing articles for free.

Andreas Antonopoulos’ crypto YouTube channel is a great place to find free and unbiased tutorial videos on Bitcoin and Blockchain. Antonopoulos has a knack for distilling complex blockchain topics into simple concepts for his audience. It emphasizes the positive and negative effects that blockchain technologies can have on our society.

3 – Benjamin Quinn:

Crypto Youtube Benjamin Cowen . Channel

Benjamin Quinn She became a coding creator on YouTube in 2019 and now has over 770K subscribers with 1.7K videos. His channel is best suited for those who have a thorough understanding of how cryptocurrencies work.

His YouTube videos range from current trends and price watching to video introductions to various cryptocurrencies. Coin approaches cryptocurrency from a technical point of view, providing insights for those who wish to delve deeper into the metrics driving the cryptocurrency market. It also predicts worst-case scenarios for cryptocurrencies.

Cowen also provides weekly “Into The Cryptoverse” reports for premium channel members, which include risk analysis data, logarithmic regression analysis, weekly crypto updates, and more. So if you are a long-term investor in the cryptocurrency market or a crypto tech trader, the Coin channel should definitely be on your radar.

4. BitBoy encryption:

BitBoy Crypto YouTube Channel

Ben Armstrong (better known as BitBoy encryption) is one of the most vocal voices in cryptocurrency. He covers the latest cryptocurrency news, project reviews and cryptocurrency trading tips with about 3-4 videos per day on his channel.

BitBoy Crypto is one of the most popular and fastest growing YouTube channels, with nearly 1.5 million subscribers. One of the reasons Armstrong has such a large following is its ability to synthesize its vast coding experience and analysis into easy-to-digest and fun content.

Moreover, the diversity of featured guests on his channel provides a variety of insights into the crypto industry.

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5. Brian Jung:

Encrypt Brain Mahjong YouTube channel

Brian Jong She has over 1.2 million YouTube subscribers and has been hailed as a wise voice for millennials looking to invest in cryptocurrency.

His videos cover the latest market analysis, forecasts, and in-depth analysis on digital currencies, regulations, crypto recession, and more. Brian Jung advocates financial stability, which is why he focuses on assessing the risks of investing in cryptocurrencies rather than getting into everything.

Jung is a legitimate YouTube crypto influencer who focuses on valuable advice backed by research. In recent years, Brian has embarked on a journey to help millions of others achieve financial success. You should also follow his encrypted YouTube channel.

6. CryptosRUs Channel:

CryptosRUs YouTube Channel

CryptosRUs is another popular YouTube channel among crypto enthusiasts. Author George Tong updates his 651,000 subscribers daily.

encryption It is an excellent source for industry updates, breaking news and analysis. Tung’s content differs from that of other crypto influencers on YouTube because it boils down a lot of the analysis into 30-40 minute videos.

Tung offers a wide range of content, including the basics about different altcoins, regulatory updates, geopolitical conditions and how they might affect cryptocurrencies. It also gives time for questions and answers in each video.

7. Anthony Pompliano

Crypto Youtube Channel Anthony Pompliano

Anthony Pomplianoalso known as Pomp, is an entrepreneur, investor, and host “Bomb Podcast”A popular cryptocurrency podcast. On his crypto Youtube channel, his podcast gives interviews and personal opinions about Bitcoin technology and blockchain in general.

Pompliano has interviewed a number of prominent crypto entrepreneurs, investors, and blockchain creators over the years, including crypto billionaire Mark Cuban and Chamath Palihapitiya, Shark Tank investor Kevin O’Leary, and best-selling author Robert Kiyosakiamong other things.


So that concludes our list of the best YouTube coding channels. As I said at the beginning of this article, when it comes to cryptocurrency, you need to be mindful of what you add to your subscribed channel list. Having said that, I’m sure I might have left out a few more creatives who deserve to be on this list.

As long as you stick to the crypto YouTube channels, which often converge with the best Twitter traders, YouTube is a reliable source for crypto content.

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