A major partnership for an ecosystem focused on NFT games, play-to-earn games and the Metaverse has been revealed

A major partnership for an ecosystem focused on NFT games, play-to-earn games and the Metaverse has been revealed

A blockchain project that is building an ecosystem for the future of NFTs, gaming and the Metaverse has revealed an exciting new partnership.

Funganomics She has signed a marketing partnership agreement with Polygon Studios – and plans to work closely together in the coming years.

It is described as completely appropriate. While Polygon has over 39,000 projects in its ecosystem, Funganomics boasts a wide range of exciting technologies.

Work is currently underway on a new Tier 2 solution for Funganomics that is set to provide scalability, sustainability, and low infrastructure costs.

Fungatopia is at the heart of this crypto project, which has been described as a multi-network, multi-format and future-proof NFT market.

Its goal is simple: to deliver NFT drops directly to community members, partners, and community creators. Crucially, 0.6% of every sale in the ecosystem is recycled — with the Treasury overseeing development and voting on a quarterly basis.

Funganomics says it’s always open to platform upgrade suggestions and voting from community members — not least because feedback can bolster the project’s current roadmap and vision for the future. The founders say they are open and willing to explore new, cutting-edge ways to deliver the benefit.

Game started

Elsewhere in the ecosystem is FGS Games – the gaming division of Funganomics. It features patent-backed software that allows building AAA games and Metaverses in any format.

Executives claim that their approach is much faster and more cost-effective than what the leading gaming companies offer — providing true scalability to the ecosystem.

In time, it is hoped that FGS Games will break the mold in the burgeoning play space for profit. This not only unleashes exhilarating experiences for players, but can also present compelling opportunities for developers and investors alike.

The main goal is to ensure that third-party companies and creators can use the Funganomics platform to develop their own games – and add blockchain functionality.

advanced stage

Funganomics says it has already completed the first phase of its augmented reality platform — with the following construction stages already in the pipeline.

Another division called Fungality wants to take the alternate reality space to new heights by offering partners high-tech solutions that can be used in existing ecosystems.

Executives say they are determined to lay the foundations for a massive ecosystem that the sector has never seen before.

The founder and CEO of the project is Jeremy Roberts, who describes himself as someone who is fascinated by the possibilities of what can be built using blockchain technology.

After spending countless months researching projects that were already on the market, he says he was driven to launch his own.

He told Cointelegraph, “For far too long, we’ve seen Web2 companies charge exorbitant fees, produce the same games, game after game. It is time for the emerging world of Web3 to provide more value, fun, and advanced-level economies that benefit everyone, not just the company’s roller coaster and research that doesn’t It ends up about that extra 1% margin at any cost.”

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