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Addressing the Facts of Taro Limitations – Bitcoin Magazine

This is an editorial by Shinobi, a self-taught Bitcoin educator and host of the tech-oriented Bitcoin podcast.

tarot at last Beta code released for testnetAnd it has continued to be a big talking point for a few weeks now at this point. It is discussed by many as a kind of panacea for the issues of people in developing countries or countries decimated by near or outright hyperinflation. Many present it as the solution to everything. Self-preservation ability, to avoid the inherent volatility of Bitcoin, you can still access Lightning as a payment network. It would have fiat stability without losing access to Bitcoin’s openness and resistance to censorship. It can provide a lot of benefits, and yes it provides fiat “stability” while at the same time allowing interoperability with the Bitcoin network, but it is being sold heavily by many people discussing it.

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