Ajman Department of Finance launches the first government payment platform on Metaverse and other smart services at GITEX 2022

Ajman Department of Finance launches the first government payment platform on Metaverse and other smart services at GITEX 2022

Ajman, United Arab EmiratesAnd the 14 October 2022 /PRNewswire/ – As part of a post Ajman His Excellency Marwan Ahmed Al Ali, Director General of the Department, under the umbrella of the Ajman Government Pavilion at GITEX Global 2022, launched a set of smart services in the presence of executives and directors of departments, including the first government payment platform on the Metaverse as well as the first supplier registration service; Supply that provides its services Ajman government suppliers; and the new ADF website.

The launch of these services is in line with the efforts of the ADF to activate the digital transformation governance framework and achieve the desired goals towards a digital future.

quality of life

he is Marwan Al-Ali He said: “The launch of ADF services today represents an important step in our digital transformation journey by providing innovative technology solutions that seek to serve customers and enhance the potential for sustainable growth across various business sectors, thus contributing to improving the quality of life in Ajman. “

Serving Merchants and Suppliers through Metaverse

Ajman Payment Platform (AjmanPay) is the first unified government payment platform that allows the collection of fees for services of local government agencies in Ajman on the Metaverse. This step is in line with ADF’s strategy to support digital transformation in the emirate, providing new payment channels that meet customer requirements, and provide a unique user experience with the highest levels of ease, convenience and security.

In addition, a virtual form for supplier registration has been designed for Metaverse.

supply platform

the Most High He pointed out that the launch of the new ‘Tawreed’ platform comes within the framework of the Fund’s endeavor to improve the suppliers’ experience by simplifying and facilitating their access to services, including registration and renewal processes, bid review and participation in them, and follow-up on their operations.

the Most High He explained that the Tawreed platform will enhance the supplier experience thanks to its updated interfaces that are easy to use and responsive, with designs that comply with the best international standards, noting that the platform aims to “simplify the supplier journey by facilitating innovative registration, renewal and follow-up processes, as well as the interaction of suppliers with the platform in terms of Upload documents and autofill information, thus creating an easy and seamless customer journey.”

the Most High He indicated that all digital initiatives and programs developed by ADF are in line with the wise vision of ADF Ajman Pioneering to make the emirate a global center for financial services in the digital age and contribute to achieving national goals and aspirations, foremost of which is the UAE Vision 2071.

Smooth user experience

Based on the highest standards of digital presence, the new ADF website provides a seamless visitor experience through a new and easy-to-use user interface that highlights the most important services offered by ADF, such as supplier registration, electronic resource system, consolidated financial system and AjmanPay mobile app.

the Most High He stressed that the website reflects the tireless efforts made by the Abu Dhabi Development Corporation to develop the services it provides to its customers and be easily available to them, taking into account their needs. The new site helps people online to easily access the available information and benefit from the services in the least possible time and effort.

Business Intelligence Platform

On the other hand, the ADF is reviewing a range of its innovative digital initiatives, such as the Business Intelligence Platform for Financial Indicators that allows users to collect and organize data for analytics and reporting to share with decision makers.

The development of the Business Intelligence platform is part of the ADF’s endeavor to support more effective decision making and action based on clear data through data collection, storage and knowledge management in order to improve overall business and organizational performance.

AjmanPay . platform

The ADF also highlighted exhibition visitors on the AjmanPay platform, which is a unified portal for government smart payment. Launched by ADF in 2019, it is a digital payment platform designed according to the highest international standards to advance government revenue collections. The purpose is to make payments easier and safer thanks to AjmanPay’s flexibility and ability to provide all categories of customers with the ability to settle payments in multiple ways.

Robot Knights

The department also presented its most prominent innovative technical achievements in the field of artificial intelligence, represented by the award-winning Farasan Robots project, the Emirates Innovates 2022, the event supervised by the Mohammed bin Rashid Center for Government Innovation, in the category “The Most Innovative Use of Resources”. Fursan Robots is an automated process that uses robotic process automation to monitor government budget execution, benefiting all government entities. It also includes matching expenditures with the resource system and automating the financial performance control processes for the government’s financial thermometer.

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