Alien worlds colonizing the Metaverse one DAO at a time

Alien worlds colonizing the Metaverse one DAO at a time

Most projects in Web3 will agree that 2022 is not a strong year for cryptocurrency, with a cold bear market hitting DeFi particularly, and several notable disasters including the collapse of Terra Network, a potential pull from the rug from Founder of Sushi Swap And about $1.7 billion of cryptocurrency was stolen in the hack, according to a May report by Chainalysis.

strange worlds (CRYPTO: TLM) by Dacoco has remained in orbit of its own, while maintaining its place as a Top GameFi Project Over the past few months, according to CoinMarketCap. It has over 200,000 users playing and over $10.5 million in transactions.

According to the latest “Games Industry Report 2022” released by CoinMarketCap and Footprint Analytics, blockchain games account for more than 50% of DApp usage, with the top 14 projects raising $748 million in 2022.

Of course, according to NewZoo’s gaming industry benchmark, Roblox is the best game overall with over 200 million monthly active users. Web3 games have a lot of ways to cover to compete with the popularity of mainstream games.

But there are opportunities for Web3 games to differentiate themselves, if not through gameplay, but with play-for-profit (P2E) and play-to-own (P2O) dynamics that major game publishers struggle to copy and integrate.

We spoke with the CEO and co-founder of Dacoco Sarojini Makina Learn more about its path and larger vision of alien worlds and for the Web3 community to grow in its interstellar conquest.

Its goal is to colonize the metaverse and populate the virtual world with active user groups developing their own projects and charting a course for their planets.



BZ: Is Dacoco a native Web3 developer, or have you switched to Web3?

Makina: “We are originally a blockchain. Dacoco made a hub in games instead of a hub in Web3. So we started in 2018, having come together as block producers on several chains. We were part of a block producer organized as a DAC, the decentralized autonomous community, which is the same Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) We have been helping other communities use this software to create their own token assets. Thus we become aware of the transformative power of blockchain technology as it is applied to groups of people or communities.

We’re still the leading producer of games in the metaverse, but we’re not the only ones making content and games in the metaverse. This vision of a decentralized Metaverse, where Dacoco created some elements, gives us a sense of cohesion. And also a reason to exist.”

Have you seen that creating games is the best way to encourage continued positive community participation?

“I think we can see the natural, creative and competitive element that exists in the DeFi blockchain community. They really do work in a bit like game clusters. We wanted to give them better tokens to do that, like a more specific token that they can do combat and use more specific games that they can do out.

Some communities are speculative in nature, such as trading forums. I think there is a strong team spirit involved in those communities. They were already working as teams. There was an element of competition and cooperation between them. This was all part of realizing that it didn’t take much to integrate these teams into competitive teams within an environment.”

BZ: Are planets primarily metaphors to represent DAOs?

Makina: Planets are metaphors for DAOs. People remain on a planet, and that is how they become members of the DAO. Then they influence the governance of the DAO, and they can start betting on another planet, and that’s how they can take over another DAO.”

BZ: What is Alien Worlds in terms of the actual gameplay?

Makina: “It’s asynchronous gameplay between players using NFTs.”

BZ: Is there a game dynamic (P2E) in Alien Worlds?

Makina: “Single players may mine planets for trillium (CRYPTO: TLM), and then they use that Trilium to influence planetary management. Governance controls how mining operates on the planet and can also influence other things the planet may do such as funding any other type of development or offering their own games.

BZ: Does the team play at the center of the alien worlds, or is there space for solo play?

Makina: “There are ways for players to play completely individual games. They can participate in game mining. There will be missions in the future. Some communities, for example, are doing things like creating science. So it’s not necessarily completely focused on the actual gameplay.

But the collective component is this adherence to planetary planning, governance oversight, and various interplanetary activities regulated by the planets themselves. We haven’t released the planets yet for full judgment, but I know they’ve been self-regulating for months. Many of them have developed plans and have their own websites, Telegram and Discord channels.”

BZ: Since Alien Worlds runs on WAX, do users have to sign up for a WAX wallet to play?

Makina: “People do not have to use the WAX ​​cloud wallet to log in with their WAX account. All they have to do is be in a position to activate our gaming smart contracts in their WAX account and then call the smart contract actions through WAX. We prefer That they do this through the WAX ​​cloud wallet because it allows us to track certain patterns of behavior to determine if they are bots. For this reason, most players go through the WAX ​​wallet, although we are looking to expand the number of wallet options.

There is no working relationship between us and the WAX ​​team whatsoever. These were all just ingredients we were able to use there. The WAX ​​cloud wallet plug-ins are open source.

I think WAX has considered using a wallet as a way to throttle actions on the WAX ​​chain, which is one of the reasons why it’s useful for us as a large DApp to have more options than just a WAX cloud wallet. Within the Web3 Metaverse, if you are really a decentralized Metaverse running on a public chain without permission, you are using components from different groups, many of which are open source. “

BZ: How are planet NFTs different for alien worlds? How do they interact in the game?

Makina: “Different planets have different terrains that produce different Triliium reward profiles. This also depends a bit on the NFT tool you’re using with the landscape, so that’s all part of the strategy.

If you’re looking for mining rigs in alien worlds, for example, you’ll see users browsing our forums and comparing notes. Like “If I have a sandy desert, is it better to use this extractor or that shovel?” Planets have different traits, but how to develop their gameplay is still open.

For example, a large crypto community called CryptomonKeys has begun to gather on one of our planets called Nari. Communities are still developing, and we have jobs in the pipeline that will allow more DAOs to be created. So any community can create their own DAO and have a treasury that they collectively govern for rewards earned. The system rewards DOAs differently depending on how they stack up on game variables.”

BZ: So if the player is part of the DAO, can they obtain mineral rights to other planets so that they can mine different types of terrain?

Makina: “If you want mining rights on a plot, you go directly to the landowner, not the planet. The planet is governed by more combos and gameplay items. Tokens are more than you describe, and differences across planets are owned at the landowner level rather than at the planetary level This does not mean that there may not be some especially as the gameplay develops. It may be that some planets develop cooperation and strategic loyalties. You will, perhaps to collectively control more Trilium which is the only exchangeable element and the element shared across each planet” .

The last word

If Cosmos is looking to build a network of blockchains, Dacoco has set its sights on building a collection of communities and games. Examples of “planets” or DAOs building their own projects. Examples include son landswhich developed the metaverse card game, and encryption keyswhich offers the NFT Series a “meme-rich digital trading card”.

What is remarkable about Alien Worlds is not that it has covered the delta between blockchain gaming and the experience of the mainstream game operator – it looks like this feat will be in the future for the Web3 space.

Instead, Alien Worlds has successfully captivated the Web3 space by creating a game that is a DeFi staking experience but keeps rewards and interactions within the Dacoco ecosystem. In this way, they can provide incentives for positive engagement while still encouraging the audience that exists not only for the “pay” part of the equation but also to play and build.

It’s an interesting project to watch not only because of its success up to this point and 200,000 users but because it has a decentralized plan for user-led innovation in part. This means that it’s hard to predict the next big thing that will come out of Dacoco’s kit and metaverse — in fact, the next important innovation may not come directly from Dacoco.

With GameFi remaining a rare bright spot in the bear market, it will be interesting to watch this project shoot stars and colonize the virtual world with DAOs.

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