Amazon previews gamified metaverse platform in India

Amazon previews gamified metaverse platform in India

Consumers in India get a first look at Amazon’s planned metaverse through a series of interactive games.

Amazon launches what it calls Amazonmetaworld, a collection of digital gaming experiences, will be launched in five Indian cities – Kanpur, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Nagpur and Chandigarh – during September 2022. Consumers in those cities can go to physical experience centers where they create a virtual avatar, a virtual reality (VR) headset. ).

Activities available on Amazon’s metaverse include competing in virtual games with other customers to collect points and winning prizes, and virtually meeting social media influencers. After entering the Amazon Metaworld Experience Center, creating a avatar and placing a VR headset, consumers enter the virtual lobby and wait for other players to join.

Then they enter one of three gates or areas, and three of the nine gates will be visible randomly in each demonstration round. A maximum of five players are allowed in one portal only.

After entering the portal, customers through their avatars will compete with others while trying to collect points. Once they get 100 points, they will have to answer a closed question regarding the region they are in. Customers who answer the question correctly receive a virtual diamond.

The player who finds three diamonds and opens the Amazon pop-up truck in the lobby will be declared the winner and receive Amazon prizes. The big winner of the day (most points in the shortest time) will get the grand prize.

Once the player clears the obstacle, the gate closes and players are returned to the lobby, where they can enter more gates. Here’s how the stimulation experience works in the main product categories.

  • electronics: Electronics category Amazon products are featured in this portal, where players have to jump from one mobile platform to another, while collecting Amazon Pay Cashback points, to find diamonds.
  • Fashion and beauty: Players have to create different looks on a virtual mannequin; The person who makes the maximum appearance in a limited time gets the maximum points, which can be exchanged for finding diamonds.
  • Fresh and Disposables: By collecting fruits, pulses, and other virtual grocery items, players can collect Amazon Pay Cashback points and use them to find the Diamond Chest.
  • In this portal simulating city streets, numerous stores will appear, a few of which will bear the Amazon logo and brand. Players have to select these stores to get Amazon Pay Cashback points, which can be exchanged for the Diamond Chest.
  • Players have to collect 10 smartphones specific to a particular brand among many others that will be floating around. Each phone will have special Amazon cashback points, which can be redeemed for the diamond chest.

Amazon Metaworld Experience Centers were featured in the Amazon Great Indian Festival sales splendor recently.

While most surveys indicate that the majority of consumers are not yet active participants in the metaverse, an increasing number of retailers are establishing themselves as pioneers in the metaverse commerce space. the differenceAnd the paxsonAnd the Parent on Facebook Meta (which has changed its corporate identity to represent a reversal), and Amazon’s main competitor Walmart are just a few. It is assumed that Amazon will follow up with this demo in the not too distant future,

Amazonmetaworld said: “Amazonmetaworld will give customers access to the Amazon world, a virtual destination that will allow you to experience your favorite Amazon categories.” Noor Patel, Vice President of HCTP, Amazon India.We are bringing our wide range and offerings into an immersive offline space where customers can play games, become musicians, collect coupons and meet their favorite influencers.”

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