Ankr is partnering with Polygon to improve the Web 3.0 build experience for Supernet developers

Ankr became one of the first RPC providers in the Aptos Blockchain

October 17, 2022 – San Francisco, California

LangerhansToday, one of the world’s leading providers of Web 3.0 infrastructure, announced that it has become one of the first providers of RPC (Remote Procedure Call) to Aptos, a secure and scalable single-layer blockchain.

Developers can now access the testnet community of Aptos and premium RPCs, make request calls and receive returns of information that reflect the results they would get by running the full Aptos node themselves.

The partnership will enable developers to build secure, scalable, and scalable DApps on top of the Aptos blockchain.

Following this partnership, Ankr is now an RPC provider for 19 blockchains including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Solana, Polygon, and Avalanche. RPC enables various applications to interact with the blockchain.

Josh Neuroth, Head of Product at Anker, said,

“Ankr is excited to be an early supporter of Aptos with RPC now making it easy for all developers to start building on the ecosystem. This is just the beginning of Ankr’s blockchain products that will undoubtedly attract more demand ahead of the long-awaited launch of the mainnet.”

Once the Aptos mainnet is up and running, Ankr will add support for it with additional documentation, features, and tools to help Web 3.0 developers simplify build.

Aptos is the highly anticipated network that will bring new technology benefits and scalability to Web 3.0. Developers building on the Aptos test network have seen over 160,000 TPS (transactions per second), thanks to promising upgrades such as the parallel execution engine, Block-STM.

The Ankr network serves an average of eight billion blockchain requests per day across more than 50 networks. It provides a time-tested, high-performance RPC nodes infrastructure to handle any demand load, dramatically expanding Aptos’ public RPC resources.

Ankr’s Aptos testnet RPC connects wallets, command line interfaces, and DApps with the Aptos blockchain.

It acts as a router or blockchain router that transfers information on-chain between Aptos nodes, DApps and ultimately end users so that they can perform necessary tasks such as transactions, filling wallet balances, fetching proprietary information and more.

To power the global Aptos network, Ankr Aptos provides a geo-distributed and decentralized RPC consisting of many independent blockchain nodes operating around the world for reliable low-latency connections.

Developers can make their first call to Aptos using Ankr . RPC Service Currently. they can use End point To invoke Aptos string using standard EVM JSON RPC methods.

About Aptos

Aptos is a secure and scalable single layer blockchain founded by Meta alumni. It is backed by a16z, FTX Ventures, PayPal Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Binance Labs, and other leading investors.

With the launch of its mainnet on the horizon, Aptos promises that the blockchain will be faster, more scalable and more secure than its current competitors, thanks to an advanced programming language called Move.

The transport and resource language model solves many of the performance and security issues found in most other Layer 1 protocols.

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about deny

Ankr is building the future of decentralized infrastructure for Web 3.0, serving over 50 proof-of-ownership chains with an industry-leading global node delivery system and RPC aggregator.

Ankr currently delivers more than two trillion transactions annually via Web 3.0 and is the leading infrastructure provider for BSC, Fantom and Polygon chains as of 2022.

Ankr also offers a suite of developer tools, including the Liquid Storage SDK, the Web 3.0 Gaming SDK and appchains-as-a-service, which enable DApp developers to build Web 3.0 applications quickly and easily.


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