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Best bitcoin accelerators to speed up your transactions

Bitcoin is the most valuable and most popular cryptocurrency in the world. But this popularity gave way to a lot of traffic on the Bitcoin blockchain, which in turn led to long transaction times. For this reason, bitcoin transaction accelerators have become widely used. But what is a bitcoin transaction accelerator, and which one is best for you?

What is a bitcoin transaction accelerator?

Bitcoin transaction accelerators are sites that you can use in hopes of processing your Bitcoin transaction faster. Within the Bitcoin blockchain network, it is up to miners to verify transactions and maintain the security of the ecosystem. When a transaction is made, it is broadcast to miners to pick up and process.

However, miners do not have to immediately confirm any transaction. Instead, miners prioritize transactions with higher fees, as they are paid in transaction fees along with mining rewards.

The transaction verification process consists of at least three approvals. The Bitcoin blockchain itself has already been overrun with a long queue of pending transactions in the mempool, where transactions are waiting to be processed. So, if you are making a low-fee transaction and the blockchain is particularly busy, you may be left waiting for a while to receive a full confirmation.

This is where Bitcoin transaction accelerators come in. With an accelerator, you are essentially re-broadcasting your transaction to increase the chance of a miner receiving it. Bitcoin miners run accelerator sites, either free or paid. Paid accelerators will prioritize your transactions, while free accelerators will not give it much importance. Either way, the process includes reminding miners that your transaction isn’t finished yet.

So, let’s get into the best Bitcoin transaction accelerators.

Best bitcoin accelerators

1. BitAccelerate

BitAccelerate It is a popular Bitcoin transaction accelerator that is completely free to use. Using BitAccelerate is very simple, as shown in the screenshot above. All you have to do is enter the Transaction ID (TXID) in the box provided, and your transaction will be broadcast back into the network to ten separate nodes (or miners).

BitAccelerate allows you to rebroadcast the same transaction once every six hours until it is processed. You can also check the transaction confirmation status using BitAccelerate.

Since BitAccelerate is free, it is worth noting that your rebroadcast transaction may not be as high priority as those rebroadcast using a fee. Once again, miners are looking to make a profit, so it is important that they prioritize paid replays so that users continue to use the paid service for faster confirmations.

But that doesn’t mean BitAccelerate is useless. If you want to try to speed up your transaction without paying cash, then this site is definitely worth a try.

2. ViaBTC

The Via BTC The platform offers a range of services, including a mining pool, an exchange, and a bitcoin transaction accelerator. ViaBTC transaction accelerator is very simple and can be used either for free or for a fee.

The free ViaBTC accelerator re-broadcasts your transaction, which should be no more than 0.5KB in size. You can send up to 100 transactions for free every hour. With the paid ViaBTC accelerator, there is no size limit, and all cooperative mining pools are notified of your pending transaction, which will be prioritized for confirmation. You can pay for this service with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin.

But ViaBTC has warned users that its accelerator will not always work. This could be due to a number of reasons, such as too large a transaction, too low a fee, or a previously unconfirmed transaction. Therefore, follow the ViaBTC rules carefully before submitting a transaction to expedite.

3. BTC Nitro

BTC Nitro It is another transaction accelerator that offers both free and paid service. With the free BTC Nitro service, you can confirm your transaction by rebroadcasting it within the network to both public and private nodes. This is not a guaranteed process and is best for pending or dropped transactions from mempool. Like ViaBTC, you can rebroadcast your transaction for free once every six hours.

On the other hand, you can use the paid BTC Nitro service, which prioritizes your transactions and enters them into the mining pool. This will automatically add your transaction to the next block for faster confirmation.

BTC Nitro guarantees that, with their paid service, your transaction will be completed within 24 hours at most, or your money will be refunded. The cost of each accelerated transaction is $25, which can be paid in bitcoin. Since this is by no means a small fee, you can always try to stream your transaction through the free service first.

4. ConfirmTX

emphasis It is a paid bitcoin transaction accelerator that is fast and easy to use. You must first paste the pending transaction ID into the box provided on the home page. After that, ConfirmTX will provide you with the acceleration fee that you have to pay. Then, once the fee is paid, ConfirmTX states that your transaction will go to the front of the queue for faster processing.

ConfirmTX claims that your acceleration fee will be fully refunded if your transaction is not confirmed in a shorter time. But be careful about paying for a speedy transaction if you don’t fully trust the site.

Speed ​​up your bitcoin transactions!

As the Bitcoin network becomes more popular, ultra-fast transactions are becoming rare, with some users waiting several hours, or even days, for confirmation. This is why bitcoin transaction accelerators are useful. So, if you think you’re dealing with a stalled deal, check out one of the accelerators above to give it a boost.

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