Big Eyes, Rare Looks, and Bat - A Smart Crypto Investment After Crypto Winter

Big Eyes, Rare Looks, and Bat – A Smart Crypto Investment After Crypto Winter

big eyes (big)The LooksRare (LOOKS) and Basic Attention Token (BAT) are crypto assets with premium utilities and features. However, they do share similarities based on their likelihood of having a great run after winter, according to the analysis.

LooksRare (LOOKS) and Basic Attention Token (BAT) had to withstand the impact of a bear market, suffering a significant price drop, while Big Eyes (BIG) is a new pre-sale cryptocurrency. Experts believe Big Eyes (BIG) has a significantly greater likelihood of running than the other two. We look at them below.

This is an NFT – it seems rare (it seems)

LooksRare hopes to capitalize on the increased growth and acceptance of NFTs to continue its impressive run in a market that has suffered some setbacks due to the impact of the bear market. Ethereum-based NFTs and the digital holdings market is one of the leading blockchain platforms that makes it easy to trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with crypto assets while offering rewards.

According to the website, collectors and traders have earned about $1.3 billion in rewards from trading web3 NFTs on LooksRare. The platform also has other opportunities to earn passive income. One is to put your own LooksRare codes, LOOKS. This helps you get a daily share of the encapsulated ETH (WETH) trading fee and gives you additional LOOKS tokens.

LOOKS is a low priced crypto asset and one of the most uncensored in the currency market. Nobody expected it when it peaked at $7.07 in January of this year. However, it declined and reached an all-time low in June. LOOKS is trying to get back above $1, but the crypto effect has been strong.

Analysts believe that a bull market could boom, and its lower price could be a great entry point in the long term.

Ads Just Right For You – Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is an innovative cryptographic origin developed to help consultants, content creators, and users take advantage of digital advertising. The blockchain-based project aims to improve the efficiency, fairness and security of ads, making use of Blockchain technology and a private web browser called Brave.

The BAT token is the native currency on the Brave platform that advertisers take advantage of to pay for ads, and users earn it as a reward when they consume those ads. The project ensures consumers are exposed only to advertisements that interest them and provides privacy of consumer data. This ensures advertising is effective and consumers are protected while making profits.

It is an innovative coding project billed to change the face of digital advertising by ensuring that every stakeholder remains satisfied. BAT peaked at the market price of $1.92 in the previous upward move. However, it is currently valued at less than $0.5 in the current market.

The crypto asset still has a huge potential to cross the $1 mark in the coming months due to its unique utility. It is one of the crypto assets to watch out for after the crypto winter.

Meme Coins Just Hit “Wonderful” All Time – Big Eyes Coin (Big)

Big Eyes (BIG) cryptocurrency is one of the new crypto projects that will change the memes sector. It is billed to help users enjoy the benefits of DeFi and NFTs and to ensure that users find these crypto segments most useful. Big Eyes (BIG) will feature a community-focused blockchain ecosystem where users can access various resources and growth opportunities.

The Big Eyes (BIG) token will strengthen the ecosystem. It will act as a transaction fee on Big Eyes Swap and will be used to purchase NFTs, which are billed to increase in value over time. NFTs will allow users to access some of the opportunities Big Eyes offers, making the ecosystem beneficial.

The meme coin has an excellent pre-sale, raising $3 million in just a few weeks. It sells faster and remains one of the best buying options for pre-sale code. It’s set for a great post-winter run according to experts’ predictions, and now might be the best time to join the pre-show.

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big eyes coin (big)


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