Cryptotourism: Binance Pushes Crypto as a Global Currency by Hiding BNB Treasure

Binance Crypto Pays as a Global Currency

Crypto tourism is now a thing. Well, it would be if Binance had anything to do with it. A new marketing push by cryptocurrency exchange will see Binance award $50,000 in prizes. The catch is that enthusiasts should find it in their scavenger hunt.

Binance They are paying their first crypto-sponsored holiday in an effort to show enthusiasts that using cryptocurrencies for travel is more efficient than using cryptocurrencies.

Binance has hired two travel influencers to help them promote the idea, Lauren Bolin And the Jack Morris. These influencers are in Bali. The social media giants (with over 2 million followers each) are so perfect that it’s almost dangerous for your soul to look at them directly. It’s as if the bull market were people, it would be them.

Binance hopes that these two ideal influencers will convince people to abandon traditional currency and make their way around the world using only cryptocurrency.

Crypto tourism will be a thing

James Rothwell is the Global Vice President of Marketing at Binance. “Crypto tourism makes global travel easier and safer for everyone. It is also an economical option, as there are no fees, complete transparency of transactions and no exchange rate issues for each individual country. The ease of using cryptocurrencies while traveling is a testament to the amazing mainstream global adoption which we are beginning to see.

Binance Pay positions itself as contactless and borderless Payment technology. Lauren and Jack will now be required to create content using cryptography for borderless travel. The influence of Barbie and Ken Dolls will show that crypto tourism is now a thing. or it should be.

Lauren and Jack will book their usual travel methods, except for cryptocurrency payments. They will also pay for services and all of their physical items using crypto, via Binance Pay.

It’s hard not to want the perfect giraffe to sneeze at the perfect breakfast.

Jack said, “I’ve dedicated my life to traveling, and now doing it without worrying about exchange rates or carrying physical cash is the burden to lift. People think global travel should be expensive and complicated — it isn’t. And we want to show people that crypto travel is It makes it easier.”

treasure hunt

Lauren and Jack will hide a file Binance Gift Card in a secret place. Each of these cards has a value of $25,000 in BNB. People who follow influencers can locate these cards using clues that Jack and Lauren drop into their profiles.

Once the prizes are found, new Binance accounts will be activated if the winners do not already have an account on the platform. Then $25,000 of BNB will be transferred to the winners’ wallets.

Binance said the travel industry was hit hard after the pandemic. Market volatility and geopolitical conflict are also affecting the industry. “Between travel restrictions, airline cancellations, and large crowds, travel has not been easy. The campaign will prove that crypto-powered travel is not just a reality, but a more convenient way to explore the world.”

Lauren said, “I love venturing into a new territory, and coded travel is exactly that. This is just the beginning of a whole new amazing world for people who love to travel.”

We kind of hope that the perfect dog will sneeze on the perfect furniture, too.

I really hope that the next influencers chosen by Binance will be Crypto Bros and NFT. Digital asset geeks love the holidays, too, okay?

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