Binance launched the 'My Crypto Journey' campaign, a collection of personalized experiences from crypto users

Binance launched the ‘My Crypto Journey’ campaign, a collection of personalized experiences from crypto users

To celebrate the transformative power of blockchain technology, Binance (, the world’s leading provider of blockchain systems and cryptocurrency infrastructure, recently launched the ‘My Crypto Journey’ series, a collection of inspiring stories from Binance users in Africa, showcasing how blockchain and crypto have affected their lives.

Over the past few years, Africa’s interaction with cryptocurrencies has created some of the most significant use cases and opportunities for greater financial inclusion for people in the region. To showcase this, users shared their crypto journey and how crypto has changed their lives for the better. Over 1,000 users across Africa have shared their journeys in detail about their experience with crypto.

Ebony, a 27-year-old freelancer in Nigeria, shared her experience growing up in a financially struggling African home with very limited resources and how she found cryptocurrency her way out of poverty.

“Crypto helped put food on my table, and for that, my family and I are grateful,” Male ebony.

Ebony’s journey began in 2018, when she came across a Facebook post explaining how cryptocurrency could change the world – it was a defining moment for her as it became the tipping point that saw her break out of what she described as the low point of her life. Since the post sparked her interest in cryptocurrencies, she did some research and watched YouTube videos to better guide her on how to start her crypto journey.

From that point on, Ebony shared that Binance was “the centerpiece of its crypto journey.” Millions around the world trust the blockchain giant for its security, speed, and strong selection of innovative features. With the company providing free encryption information ( crypto beginners and enthusiasts alike, Ebony quickly learned that Nigerians can trade on Binance’s P2P platform ( to receive naira into their bank account directly from the Binance app. Ebony added that she was excited to embark on this journey because Binance not only has excellent customer service, but can trust that their funds are safe because security and compliance with user safety is a top priority for the company.

Since I was already poorer, I took an opportunity in cryptocurrency. It doesn’t matter if I don’t become a millionaire, I just need a little push.– Ebony, 27

Ebony’s life has changed for the better since I discovered cryptocurrency. Not only did she escape poverty, but the use of cryptocurrency also opened her eyes to the limitless possibilities offered by digital assets. In general, cryptocurrency has boosted her self-confidence and position in life. Now, Ebony is using its story to motivate others to take advantage of the financial opportunities that crypto offers and help others along the way.

However, to begin any crypto journey, Ebony advises that education is important. She believes that if you keep learning, it will pay off. Not only is the Ebony journey a testament to the transformative power of cryptocurrencies, but the truly accessible and decentralized nature of the technology.

Blockchain technology can provide the lifeblood it can offer without borders or borders to Africans Whether it is providing greater financial access, supplementing income or helping to build a lifeline, technology enables financial inclusion for millions.

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