Biometric authentication may be the Achilles heel of Metaverse security

Biometric authentication may be the Achilles heel of Metaverse security

Trend Micro research highlights the risks posed by more seamless login technology

DallasAnd the October 18 2022 /PRNewswire/- Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), a leading global cybersecurity company, today released a new report that warns that exposed vital data creates serious authentication risks across a wide range of digital scenarios, including the metaverse.

To read a full copy of the report, Leaked today and exploited for life: How biometric patterns affect social mediaplease visit:

William MalikVice President of Infrastructure Strategies at Trend Micro said, “Some advocate the use of biometrics as a safer, easier-to-use alternative to passwords. However, unlike passwords, our features are not easily changed. So any compromise could have a long-term impact on users. A user metaverse profile can be in The future is similar to having full access to their computers today.”

Trend Micro Define Metaverse As follows: “A distributed, multi-vendor cloud and an immersive interactive platform that users can access through different classes of connected devices.”

As such, those able to impersonate individuals within this new iteration of the web can access everything from online bank accounts and Cryptocurrency Stores of highly sensitive company data.

As explained in the report, future threat actors may be able to use stolen or leaked biometric data to trick connected devices, such as VR/AR headsets, into logging into them as someone else. This could open the door to data theft, fraud, extortion, and more.

Metaverse user profiles may also be an attractive target as a valuable source of additional biometric data, such as detailed 3D user models that simulate realistic biometric features of a person.

In this new computing environment, two Three factors are commonly used for authentication It will be registered with the program that maintains the metaverse, for example.

The Trend Micro report aims to create more dialogue in the IT and security community about how to avoid such potential risks. He warns that vast amounts of biometric details, including facial, voice, iris, palm and fingerprint patterns, are already exposed online at a quality high enough to deceive authentication systems.

It can be found in the images and audio content posted on social media and messaging platforms, news media websites, and government portals that people use every day.

In addition to helping threat actors bypass authentication checks, judicious use of leaked or stolen biometric data can also help create deepfake models. collectivelyThe report warns.

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