Bitcoin․com Announces Public Sale of VERSE Ecosystem Token - Bitcoin News Press Release

Bitcoin․com Announces Public Sale of VERSE Ecosystem Token – Bitcoin News Press Release

Bitcoin.coma digital ecosystem and secure platform for self-custodianship where users can safely and easily interact with cryptocurrencies and digital assets, announced that the sale of B, or the public sale of VERSE token and reward token, will begin on November 1, 2022. Verse will support people transacting with Bitcoin and DeFi from By rewarding them for buying, selling, storing, using and learning about cryptocurrencies.

Since 2015, Create opportunities for financial independence on a global scale through its pool of resources, including A news site, educational resources, and a low-barrier-to-entry portfolio. by selling b, Bitcoin.comMillions of users can take full advantage of the time they spend on the platform. Rewards will be allocated by interacting with Verse DEXVERSE storage, cashback paid in VERSE, and use of the VERSE code as collateral in various lending groups. It plans to launch airdrops to spread awareness about Verse and entice existing users and newcomers alike to get more involved in DeFi.

“VERSE’s public sale is a milestone for ecosystem and allows us to reach a new audience, especially those who want to go through the first token sale with ease, simplicity and a trustworthy platform,” said Dennis Jarvis, CEO of “The crypto community is about to define the next wave of economic freedom, and We look forward to entering a new generation of financially independent users through the Verse ecosystem. “

VERSE token supply is fixed at 210 billion, and will be distributed over seven years. Sale B follows VERSE’s private sale, which was completed in May 2022, and sold 10% of VERSE’s total supply for $33.6 million.

“The Verse community has grown to include more than 25,000 members across Telegram and Discord, and is representative not only of crypto newcomers but also cryptocurrency holders who see value and align with our mission to deliver a world where economic freedom is at the heart of it,” said Vitalik Marinsenko, chief engineer at Verse. Verse: “Our decision-making.” He added: “The Wallet has over 34 million wallets created, many of which we expect to participate in the sale.”

Lizzie Eng, Head of Department Verse Development Fund Note, “VERSE’s benefit expands even further, serving as a cornerstone of the Verse Development Fund, an initiative to accelerate growth and innovation in Bitcoin.comVerse ecosystem. Starting in the first quarter of 2023, the fund will provide grants to DApps that integrate with the ecosystem. The fund will also sponsor hackathons and incubate token projects through our launchpad service, which will be released next year.”

As an ERC-20 compliant cross-chain token, VERSE will provide tremendous value to those who interact with Verse DEXThe Ethereum blockchain and the broader DeFi ecosystem. The Verse team is actively exploring opportunities to extend the token into low-fee Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible networks to provide an optimal user experience. The public sale of VERSE complements the exciting developments taking place in ecosystem, such as Integration with avalancheVerse Development Fund official launch, security and accessibility upgrades accounts.

Verse token sale is not available in the US, Japan, or elsewhere Restricted jurisdictions.

Registrations for public sale are now open at

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