Bitcoin and Blockchain Summit to Deliver Key Announcements • St Pete Catalyst

Bitcoin and Blockchain Summit to Deliver Key Announcements • St Pete Catalyst

For the second year in a row, organizers bring industry stakeholders, business leaders, and politicians together in Tampa for Florida Bitcoin and Blockchain Summit.

Described as “the first blockchain and fintech focused event in Florida,” the summit will be held on Friday, November 4, at the Holiday Inn Westshore. Likes Happened last yearHeld at Amalie Arena, Tampa Mayor Jane Castor will begin a full day of programming with a welcome address.

The mayor — and the top — made national headlines last year when Castor announced that she would receive a portion of her salary in bitcoin, the main cryptocurrency. Chris Krimitsos, founder of Florida Bitcoin & Blockchain Summit (FBBS), explained that the recent industry-wide economic downturn has helped eliminate the dominance of the speculators and “dealers” who flooded the space.

“I’m really excited to see where everyone is, sort of pin the slots and compare notes,” Krimitsos said. “There’s been a lot of turmoil in the markets lately, and we’ve had some really nice paintings, like spotting opportunities in a bear market.”

In addition, Krimitsos conveyed his expectation to hear the latest news from Cityverse. Joe Hamilton, President of The Platform Network (and publisher catalyst), at 4 pm a discussion session entitled “Making metaverse Sweetened.”

The Tampa Bay Rays recently announced it Acquired a property center in the CityverseKrimestos noted that Hamilton will announce a “major new investor” at the summit.

Gabe Higgins and Rosa Shores, Blockspaces founders, as featured speakers at this event. Krimistos expects to hear important news from that company as well.

“So, we have some big announcements that are going to be announced on the site and we can’t talk about them,” he added. “But this will revolutionize the field of cryptography.”

Cathy Wood (R), CEO of ARK Invest, and Lakshmi Shinui, CEO of Embarc Collective, speak at the 2021 event.

Kyle Kemper, chief solutions officer at RAZE, author and half-brother of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, will be the keynote speaker for the event. Kimber lives in the Sarasota area, and RAZE is Web3 Stock platform that helps companies raise capital.

Krimitsos said Kimber and Trudeau grew up together and remained close.

“He loves the blockchain and the freedom it represents,” he said of Kemper. “We are excited to hear his thoughts on RAZE and his thoughts on the crypto space and what it stands for.”

Chris Krimtsos, founder of the Florida Bitcoin and Blockchain Summit. Submitted photo.

The price of Bitcoin — and most other cryptocurrencies — hit all-time highs in the past year, which Krimitsos said has caused people to rush on and off multiple times. He described it as “richer” to attend to those looking to enter the space and grow, as the industry condensed into “true blue” creators.

“The real players in space don’t care about the fluctuations – they still play,” Krimitsos stressed. “People who care about volatility are not dedicated to space. They are dedicated to making a quick buck.”

Not only does he think a bear market is the best time for newcomers to learn and invest, but Krimitsos noted that regulators are holding an educational session at 8:30 a.m. on November 4, ahead of Castor’s welcome speech.

Krimitsos said he’s also looking forward to hearing more about the emerging Web3 scene in Tampa Bay, the latest applications for NFTs and learning about new industry regulations. He reported that the local Web3 community is hosting a charity lunch at 11:30 a.m. to raise money for those affected by Hurricane Ian.

Krimitsos said partial stock platform PoktPool has already donated $1,000 to the cause.

“I am really excited to lock the shields with the people who are really excited about this space. And to see people again and be reunited… because financially, for a lot of people, it was tough.”

Between 300 and 400 people are expected to attend the 2022 summit, about half of whom attended the Amelie Arena last year. Despite the expected drop in volume, Krimitsos said regulators were pleasantly surprised to attract so many people during the market downturn.

He added, “That means there’s a strong ecosystem here, and that really wants this event to thrive.”

For more information about the Florida Bitcoin & Blockchain Summit, visit the website over here.

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