Bitcoin Hardcore Udi Wertheimer Trolls Against Crypto Tribalism

Bitcoin Hardcore Udi Wertheimer Trolls Against Crypto Tribalism

Bitcoin changed Udi Wertheimer’s life, so the mockery of her impersonators turned him into a celebrity. He had every reason to double down on this approach, but the recent crypto boom changed him — and now his favorite people to laugh at are all the people who copy his old book.

why does it matter: In an age when it seems that every tribe can act tribally as they do and nothing creates online fame faster than attacking tribal heretics, Wertheimer is one of the selection A Bitcoin fanatic who has done one very surprising thing: it has changed.

what are they saying: “If I had to evaluate inventions, I think [bitcoin is] One of the highlights of recent times,” Wertheimer told Axios in an interview in Lower Manhattan.

  • Wertheimer says Bitcoin has been very useful as a test case for use cases such as cryptocurrency-based lending, but each time these markets are demonstrated to Bitcoin founders they find that they can be done better elsewhere.
  • “There is also a benefit going forward, and that is what I think we bitcoin customers need to discover,” he says.
  • Before 2021, it is unlikely that anyone will hear Wertheimer making such concessions to other projects. “I just look at the old Bitcoin content and get pissed off,” Wertheimer says.

playing condition: Wertheimer is Bitcoin that is mainly known for being popular. He started as a software developer, but was early enough in bitcoin that he is now working as a small scale investor.

  • his presence on Twitter His main claim to fame is one of the funniest voices defending the values ​​of bitcoin and blockchain.
  • Wertheimer’s old followers watched him change his mind in real time, on the timeline.

context: Within cryptocurrencies, there is a fierce divide between them some bitcoins and everyone else. There is something calledBitcoin limit“This argues that bitcoin is the only digital money, and everything else that came after that is bad.

  • Wertheimer used to agree to this position, mainly because he saw almost everything else from the recent boom, the initial coin offering boom of 2017 and 2018, as bad.

Yes, but: When decentralized finance and NFTs took off in 2021 and 2022, Wertheimer found that he had to admit that these were really things people wanted.

  • Many of his peers have turned against him now that he has expressed his openness to those industries.
  • But for his part, Wertheimer is puzzled that bitcoin is not trying to build markets for people to buy NFT. For him, this is exactly the kind of digital economy that early Bitcoin customers were hoping for.

“It’s a circular economy where people are anonymous,” Wertheimer said. “They can build things without others giving them permission, without registering anything, without asking for permission. You just have to do it, and bitcoin is not used there at all.” Recently podcast appearance.

Style notes: For Wertheimer, the main communication forum, is very much play. “It’s basically addictive for sure,” he says. “Everyone I know, I know from Twitter.”

  • “I try not to just wander around for trolling. For me, it’s an attempt to convey information that is less dry,” he says. “Even when I’m edgy, I still try to get a point of view.”
  • Wertheimer believes that it is illogical to view investment as debt. For example, a Walmart shareholder might do a few target stocks, just in case, and no one will criticize them.
  • At the same time, he does not try to ask anyone to be “nice”. It just asks bitcoins whether being exclusive is actually in bitcoin’s long-term interest.
  • “I don’t intend to change people,” he says. “What interests me most is encouraging people like me to speak up.”

Bottom line: “I can’t care,” says Wertheimer, but the truth is that he already thinks bitcoin matters.

  • Wertheimer sees a world in which most people have only one option to store the value they earn, and usually a fairly standardized financial system, which may or may not work for everyone – unless they find bitcoin.
  • “I think my biggest hope is to give people a choice,” he says. “It’s already happened.”

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