Bitcoin is the best defense against The Great Reset;  “The end game is control,” says Coin Bureau co-founder Jay Turner.

Bitcoin is the best defense against The Great Reset; “The end game is control,” says Coin Bureau co-founder Jay Turner.

(Kitco News) — Co-founder Jay Turner, Co-Founder of the Coin Desk, said that as governments, businesses and NGOs implement a major reset to “control” individuals and societies, the best way to protect wealth is through Bitcoin.

The final game [of The Great Reset] It is to control … to influence the way we live, influence how we spend, and where we spend,” he told Michelle McCurry, editor-in-chief and principal broadcaster at Kitco News. I think the best way to insure yourself against this future, but also to take advantage of it, is to buy Bitcoin.”

Turner explained that Bitcoin is “beyond the control of any government or broader organization,” and is “the best weapon one has” against a major reset.

Turner spoke with McCurry at the Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai.

Big Reset and CBDCs

Klaus Schwab, CEO of the World Economic Forum, has promoted the concept of “Great Reset,” which calls for increasingly centralized control of the economy to decarbonize the planet and promote sustainable development.

Critics claim that The Great Reset is being used by the World Economic Forum and other powerful bodies to exercise control over the economy, abolish private property, and crush human rights through digital IDs, central bank digital currencies, and carbon credits, among other tools.

“The Great Reset is very much about how stakeholder capitalism is entrenched … and a lot of it is about control and oversight,” Turner said. “This is where digital central bank currencies come in. The idea of ​​being able to see what people are spending, when they are spending, what they are spending on, and even putting restrictions on these things, is one of the scariest parts of it.”

Central bank digital currencies, or central bank digital currencies, are digital tokens issued and controlled by central banks. Linking digital central bank currencies to carbon credits has been proposed to restrict people’s purchases of carbon-intensive products.

“Suppose you exceed your annual carbon limit,” Turner suggested. “Then you can’t do this, you can’t do that. But you are Can Do this if you buy more carbon credits. It’s about extracting money from ordinary people.”


Although he claimed that people “would have no choice” about adopting crypto-based digital currencies, Turner pointed to bitcoin as a way to hedge against the impending big reset.

“There’s going to be this huge global movement of people who want to deal private,” he explained. “I think they will deal in bitcoin.”

Turner said bitcoin would become “one of the most sought-after assets” by the 1930s or 1940s.

“It’s something that is open to everyone,” he said. “[It is] Not trusted, without permission… But the point is that anyone with an internet connection can buy Bitcoin. For me, that’s the very exciting thing.”

To find out about Turner’s long-term price target for Bitcoin, watch the video above.

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