Bitstamp Integrates PayPal, Dubai Police Works in Metaverse

Bitstamp Integrates PayPal, Dubai Police Works in Metaverse

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exchange news

  • Bitstamp Announced that it has been merged PayPal “For millions of people to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies through a secure and regulated platform. for every Announcement, users who already have a PayPal account can start making transactions on Bitstamp right away. They are able to make cryptocurrency purchases of up to $2,500/EUR/GBP per day, with a 0% trading fee on all coins for the first $1000 in trading volume over the previous 30 days. They added that withdrawals to PayPal “will not be supported at this time, but we plan to introduce this feature in the future.”
  • Bitfinex she has Launched GBP fiat on-ramp service to enable GBP deposit and withdrawal, working with fiat on-ramp service provider OpenPayd. In a joint press release with Bitfinex said it has seen a “significant uptick” in the volume of Bitcoin (BTC)/GBP trading activity.
  • Queen Piece CEO Brian Armstrong announce On Twitter, he said he would sell about 2% of his Coinbase holdings over the next year to fund scientific research. “For the avoidance of doubt, I intend to be the CEO of Coinbase for a very long time, and I remain very optimistic about cryptocurrency and Coinbase,” he said.
  • Queen Piece Hired a CEO from a German fintech company Solarisbank To lead its European expansion, Bloomberg mentioned. Daniel Seifert is Vice President and Regional Managing Director for Europe. Previously, he I was Head of Operations and Customer Support at Swiss Investment Bank UBS Partner.
  • Cameron Winklevoss left his place Gemini EuropeAltFi Board of Directors mentioned, citing “Companies House File”. He was no longer director of the stock exchange’s European arm on 12 October, while Gillian Lynch, the new president of Ireland and the European Union, took over from former UK managing director Blair Halliday (who moved to Legendary sea monster exchange).

Metaverse News

  • Ajman Police in the United Arab Emirates in Dubai has become the first law enforcement agency to offer its services within the metaverse, per tweet by power. The Ajman Police General Headquarters He also participated in the Dubai Metaverse Forum with the aim of benefiting from the metaverse technology in the police field, and Lt. Col. Mohammed Abdullah Abu Shehab quoted by the Gulf Times as saying.

Payments News

  • Payment giant Master Card Credit Card It plans to announce a program on Monday that will help financial institutions introduce cryptocurrency trading, it is reported Tell CNBC. MasterCard will act as a “bridge” between Paxos (PAX), and it will handle regulatory compliance and security.

Regulation News

  • The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) suspended Offer and distribute three cryptocurrencies to retail investors in crypto asset management Holon Investments For 21 days, citing incompatible target market decisions. These are bitcoin, ethereum (ETH), and philecoin.
  • Macau executive board (m) has Presenter A draft regulatory law entitled “The Legal System for Currency Creation and Issuance” for the Legislative Council to be discussed. It concerns the legal standardization of all currencies in the region, including digital currencies. In the case of the adoption of the “currency with legal tender [Macau would] It covers not only the traditional forms of currency, i.e. banknotes and coins, but [would] It also includes currency in digital form, which has been granted the same status, provided that the system in question is regulated by special legislation.
  • Investment Bank Société GeneralEncoder section SG Forge she has Receive French approval l’Autorite des Marchés Financiers (AMF) to operate digital asset services in France. The registry covers the custody, purchase, sale and exchange of digital assets.

Blockchain News

  • Philcoin GreenThe Protocol Labs Initiative to decarbonize blockchain-based storage network Filecoin Network (FIL), about the launch carbon dioxide storage, a Web3 data storage solution “to enable transparency of the overarching environmental features underlying carbon offsets.” In a joint press release with Cryptonews.comThis free storage tool aims to address the shortcomings of traditional storage solutions for all types of digital environmental assets.

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