Blockbale 2022 - The largest archipelago in the world is set to become the Blockchain capital of Asia

Blockbale 2022 – The largest archipelago in the world is set to become the Blockchain capital of Asia

Under the competent leadership of President Joko Widodo, Indonesia sees great potential in promoting the local privileged economy.

Blockchain for the future

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy envisages that various products that use technology, such as Crypto Assets, NFT and Metaverse, have received great interest from the public as investment vehicles. Minister Pak Sandiga Salahuddin Ono said:Blockchain in the future should be an opportunity not only enjoyed by the upper middle class economy, but should also provide various benefits to the grassroots, especially the tourism and creative economy entrepreneurs in Indonesia. We are also pursuing the goal set out by President Joko Widodo in his identified digital transformation goal, which is to create 9 million digital talents in 2035 and 30 million MSMEs on board by 2024. I appreciate Blockball 2022 For being one of the media that helps the community and government in overseeing the development of the blockchain. We must jointly support the many things that can make Bali a business for digital nomads.

Cryptocurrency trading fuels economic growth

According to the Department of Commerce, from 2020 to 2021 there has been a massive growth in the value of crypto-asset transactions, with a more than tenfold increase in just one year. The value of crypto-asset transactions increased from IDR 64.9 trillion (about $4.36 billion) in 2020 to IDR 859.4 trillion (about $57.74 billion) in 2021, Indonesian Deputy Minister of Commerce Dr.In Indonesia, crypto assets are investment vehicles classified as commodities that can be traded on the commodity futures exchange. There are many benefits to boosting the cryptocurrency industry, such as increasing domestic investment and preventing capital outflows, and it will protect consumers and create commercial certainty. Going forward, we hope to sell and trade crypto assets as commodities as well as investment products.

Excellent market stability system

Indodax, the leading Indonesian stock exchange, reports that it has reached 5.4 million members now, an increase of more than 100% compared to 2021. Oscar Darmawanfounder and CEO of Endodex He says, “Legalizing crypto assets in Indonesia is a long journey and is not fully accomplished yet, but it is progressing smoothly and showing a good path. The entire ecosystem needs to support this movement to bring benefits to the entire industry. I believe that Indonesia has the potential to be a leader in blockchain development.” In Asia “.

Blockbali 2022 Blockchain Conference

Being a pioneer in international blockchain conferences in Indonesia, Blackarrow Conferences is set to showcase the fifth edition of its flagship platform Blockball The conference is in Bali on November 25. Several government and industry leaders will be speaking at the conference on November 25 in Bali. Blockbali 2022 is organized by Blackarrow Conferences, and presented by Endodex powered by NOBIAnd the Expand MyBusinessAnd the Tadpole financingAnd the Encoding degree & vixanium. The Blockbali conference will connect global blockchain experts with the Indonesian government and business leaders. The Blockbali conference will discuss opportunities in the blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Indonesia and lay the foundation for Indonesia to become the largest blockchain market in ASEAN.

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