Blockchain-based loyalty platform MiL.k has partnered with AirAsia Rewards Program, kicking off its global expansion at SEA

Blockchain-based loyalty platform MiL.k has partnered with AirAsia Rewards Program, kicking off its global expansion at SEA

The signing ceremony of a strategic partnership between the representative blockchain reward platform, MiL.k and airasia Rewards, the airasia Super App loyalty program was held in kuala lumpur.

-MiL.k is an analog lifestyle blockchain service provider that integrates reward points and connects the best services for each sector such as Yanolja (No. 1 OTA), CU (No. 1 Store), etc.

– In 2022, MiL.k has exceeded 1.1 million users in South KoreaIt aims to expand its strategic partnerships globally to provide cross-border services.

– Through partnership, airasia Super app has 51 million users Asia It participates in the MiL.k alliance. Two companies will collaborate on point integration and joint marketing activities to provide benefits to global users

Seoul, South KoreaAnd the September 20 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Milk Partners (CEO Jayden Joe), which operates the blockchain-based loyalty platform MiL.k, announced on the 20th that the company had signed a contract focused on points integration with BIGLIFE, which operates and operates the airasia rewards program.

Attend the signing ceremony Jayden JoeCEO of Milk Partners, which operates MiL.k to 1.1 million users in South KoreaAnd the Ong Waifongthe chief loyalty officer for airasia rewards within the airasia Super app, which has more than 51 million users worldwide Asia.

Through this partnership, the two companies plan to integrate the airasia rewards program with the MiL.k platform and its token Milk Coin (MLK). With the integration, the airasia Super App’s loyalty points, also known as airasia points, will be connected to the MiL.k points ecosystem, and various co-marketing activities targeting global users of airasia and MiL.k will be held. It will be a big step for MiL.k to connect 1.1 million users from Korea to Asia The platform and platform for the fastest growing super apps for travel and lifestyle. Moreover, the partnership will be the first airasia Super App use case to join the blockchain ecosystem, which is closely related to users’ daily lives.

Airasia Points from airasia Rewards, which is the customer reward feature of the airasia Super App, is used to purchase various services and products on the platform. In addition, it is possible to use the points of international companies affiliated with airasia by exchanging them for airasia points through the “airasia xchange” service in the application. Airasia members can use airasia points to pay for travel products like flights and hotel stays, non-travel products like food delivery, rides, duty-free shopping and lifestyle deals, all on the airasia Super App. A wide range of services are also available via the Super App such as financial services, insurance, courier services, on-demand professional learning courses, and more.

Airasia CLO equivalent, Ong Waifong He said, “MiL.k is one of the most successful examples of global blockchain projects” and “we plan to work closely together to raise awareness of the application of airasia Super in the global blockchain industry, and provide a more satisfactory and rewarding point experience for customers of both companies.”

CEO of Milk Partners Jayden Joe He said, “Partnering with the airasia Super App is one of our great achievements for global expansion. Starting with this partnership, we will continually expand the MiL.k ecosystem in the global market. Southeast Asia It will be the starting point, and our vision is to become the first cross-border platform on the blockchain. “

MiL.k, a blockchain-based point integration platform operated by Milk Partners, is a service that allows users to exchange and merge points from various partners through digital assets “Milk Coin (MLK)”. In less than two and a half years since it began serving in April 2020It has shown rapid growth by forming partnerships with various companies representing its sectors and attracting more than 1.1 million users.

MiL.k makes partnerships with Korea’s best service such as “Yanolja”, the No. 1 OTA Service, “CU” Top Brand of Small Stores Managed by BGF Retail, “INTERPARK” Leading E-Commerce Platform, “Shinsegae Duty Free” Duty-Free Branch Customs for retail giant Shinsegae Group, “Megabox” one of the best movie theater franchises, “Jin Air”, LCC branch of Korean Air, etc.

As a prime example of a blockchain-based service, MiL.k is expected to grow its ecosystem by expanding its strategic partnerships at SEA this year.

SOURCE Milk Partners

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