Blockchain contract hosting via Flux Marketplace |  By Flux Official |  October 2022

Blockchain contract hosting via Flux Marketplace | By Flux Official | October 2022

Flux’s core values ​​and ethics are the advent of Web 3.0 – By and for the People. Evoking corporate power and restoring it to the general public. Flux Cloud is decentralized, relying on thousands of individual servers from all over the world connected to a single operating system. Individuals are its backbone. They power the cloud with computational resources via home machines or rented servers and are incentivized by 50% of the total block reward.

To date, Flux decentralized cloud is supported by more than 15,000 nodes worldwide. Its total available computational resources total more than 100,000 cores, over 275 terabytes of RAM, and over 6 penny (petabytes) of SSD. The power of the Web 3.0 cloud can be used to deploy applications in a decentralized and censorship-resistant manner. There are a lot of advantages to using Flux instead of traditional Web2 infrastructure providers:

  • All applications are redundant and have automatic failures if any interruption occurs.
  • Flux Cloud is code-neutral because it uses Docker Hub containers as a ramp
  • Flux Cloud automatically keeps applications updated with the respective container.
  • Flux Cloud offers unbeatable pricing

Enough introduction! Let’s go through our guide to Deploying Your Blockchain Node via Flux Marketplace in very few steps!

  1. First we need to head to
  2. Once here, we need to log in with our ZelID. Available to us via Zelcore (Always remember to use official links)

2.1 If you do not have an account created in Zelcore, you first need to download and install the application

2.2 Next (mandatory for the safety of your wallet), enable d2FA in the Applications section within Zelcore.

2.3 You can now authenticate by clicking the fingerprint button or manually by manually signing the message to your Zelcore wallet using the ZelID app

3. Now that you are approved, head over to And take a look at the list of supported blockchain nodes. Flux Marketplace supports multiple blockchain nodes: FIRO, PRE, PIVX, DASH, KAS, RVN, KDA, NEOXA, DOT, and KSM. Select the project you want to support with an additional decentralized infrastructure.

Then, you’ll see something very similar to this (this guide goes to KaspaNode deployment to show the steps):

4. Do not put any variable in the parameter field for the following nodes:
FIRO, PIVX, DASH, KAS, KDA, NEOXA, DOT, KSM. Simply click on “Launch the Marketplace App”

This area is only important for the pre-research nodes and the holding of Ravencoin.

For Ravencoin node you can use . file“uacomment” to put your Your required identifier Ravencoin wallet address. Since there are currently some community members who are compensating the people who host the RVN contract and draft from the uacomment department.

To get the Presearch node, please enter your Presearch registration code from node dashboard. Read more over here.

5. You can click Next or Copy File Registration message If you are manually signing the message from your ZelID app then click Next

6. Here, you can click the fingerprint button to sign the application request, or if this is done, paste the manually signed message on your ZelID from the previous step

7. Now you get the monthly cost of your app. Click Register Flux App

8. Now, you are provided with some payment information in FLUX. Payment is made through the FLUX blockchain in FLUX coins.

9. Select “Pay with Zelcore” to make the app payment

10. You’re done! We just have to wait until your node is produced on an available node.

When logged in with your ZelID, you can head to and the My Apps tab. Here you will be able to manage and visit all the blockchain node deployments you have done so far.

Remember that your Blockchain node only subscribes to 22,000 Flux blocks which is about 44,000 minutes, which is about one month. You will need to renew the payment monthly, so that Node is not kicked out of the network.

  1. Click on “Manage”, “Manage Application” or “Update Specifications”
  2. Leave all variables as they are; Click “Calculate Update Message”.
  3. Sign the letter with the ZelID app and click “Update Flux App” afterwards
  4. Click “Pay with Zelcore” to make a streaming payment
  5. Your Voilà Node has been renewed for 22,000 blocks

Enjoy supporting your favorite projects with decentralized infrastructure!

Learn more about Flux at

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