Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC to Hit $79,193 by 2025

BTC will reach $79,193 by 2025

Bitcoin Price Prediction: Bitcoin (BTC) will be trading flat for the rest of the year. But wait there. 2025 may see new, previously unreached peaks.

This is the opinion of a panel of industry experts, put together by Finder to get their latest Bitcoin Price Forecast Report.

The panel, made up of 55 fintech and crypto professionals, feels that BTC will be worth $21,344 by the end of the year. This was before it rose to $79,193 in 2025.


Bitcoin Price Prediction: Expert Opinion

Justin Hartzman is the CEO of CoinSmart. It is believed that Bitcoin will expire in 2022 at just $17,000. But he says it could rise to $75,000 by 2025.

“Bitcoin is suffering due to external macro conditions. My price prediction for 2025 will depend on the fallout from the halving. If the macro conditions improve and the regulatory environment improves, then the price of bitcoin should go up.”

53% of the committee believes that the price of bitcoin will continue to emulate high-growth tech stocks.

Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC Will Reach $79,193 By 2025

Nick Oraevsky is the CEO of Bitcoin Reserve. “Beta has a high beta with the traditional markets. The traditional markets are in dire straits. Everything depends on fiscal policy and the Fed’s sharp jaw-dropping over the next quarter.”

While there was a broader drop in the market and Bitcoin’s dominance dropped below 40%, 77% of the panel still believed that Bitcoin is a store of value.

Is Bitcoin Underpriced?

Ben Ritchie is the Managing Director of Digital Capital Management. He believes that Bitcoin has an “institutional demand as a store of value rather than a currency.” He believes that the bitcoin price will reach $30,000 by the end of the year, and will reach $150,000 by the end of 2025.

Nicholas van Hurd is the CEO of Delta by eToro. BTC is still considered a store of value. But he says, “Bitcoin has proven to be less of a flight to inflation” than originally thought.

Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC Will Reach $79,193 By 2025

Despite the conservative short-term price predictions, 56% of the committee members believe that BTC is undervalued.

Miles Pachini is the CEO of FV Bank. He said, “The fact remains, if you believe in the hypothesis of Bitcoin as a unique and finite store of value, its scarcity is not currently priced in.”

About 19% of experts feel that the price of Bitcoin is overvalued. Mitch Shah is the CEO of Omnia Markets. He feels that Bitcoin will end the year at $16,000 and says there are more drops to come.

“While Bitcoin has often been a store of value during periods of uncertainty, the cryptocurrency market is heading into territory it has never seen before. As global traders surrender their investments, Bitcoin will see new lows not reached this year.”

Bitcoin Price Prediction: Competition from ETH

Joseph Raczynski is a technologist and futurist at Thomson Reuters. He feels that the price of Bitcoin is fair. “BTC is almost all withdrawn and paid by ETH now. People are finally realizing that Ethereum is the real head of the pool, and BTC is bouncing back in its wake.”

54% of the committee believes that ETH will eventually outperform Bitcoin in terms of market capitalization. 29% say this will happen as soon as 2024. However, this opinion is actually a decrease from July 2021. At this time, 68% of committee members were anticipating a “reversal”.

Lee Smalls is Professor of Finance at the University of Western Australia. He believes that the price of Bitcoin is overvalued, and Smalles expects volatility to occur in 2023. He also feels that BTC’s commitment to a Proof of Work (PoW) will slow progress on crypto power issues.

“The stock market will drop further before the end of 2022 and BTC will follow suit lower. BTC will attract more bad publicity to the Proof of Work model now that the “consolidation” appears to have worked quite well.”

Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC Will Reach $79,193 By 2025

Yves Longchamp is Head of Research at SEBA Bank. He feels that the volatility will occur in 2024. But he says that bitcoin is undervalued, given its position as “digital gold.”

“Bitcoin and Ethereum do not compete, they have different value propositions.”

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