CAA's Joanna Popper on Anthony Hopkins NFT - The Hollywood Reporter

CAA’s Joanna Popper on Anthony Hopkins NFT – The Hollywood Reporter

Joanna Popper, CAA metaverse chief executive, knew Anthony Hopkins’ first non-fungible token drop would be popular, but she didn’t expect to sell it out within seven minutes.

Join Popper The Hollywood Reporter Senior Business Editor Ashley Collins on Wednesday in a key Q&A at in THR Annual event for energy business managers. She discusses topics ranging from the evolution of the Internet to taking advantage of opportunities in the metaverse to Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Popper explained that the metaverse is the “next wave of the Internet”. First it was the dotcom boom and then came the “social, mobile, and cloud turmoil where we started using our phones for everything.” This wave, she said, will be “more interactive, more comprehensive, more three-dimensional, and more real-time.” It’s not about gaming, she explained, but a “gaming experience” that emphasizes connectivity.

“We imagine there will be a similar level of disruption in how content is created and distributed,” she said.

Popper emphasized that anyone could benefit from the turmoil. She pointed to Hopkins, whose first-time NFT-dropped series of more than 1,000 pieces of art inspired by his Hollywood career, sold on the OpenSea market. In the art world, artists have historically only profited from initial sale. She said contracts written for NFTs allow creators to share in the profits for each subsequent purchase. Hopkins has already been involved in making more money in the secondary market.

When asked about new ways to exploit existing intellectual property, Popper said that NFTs allow unlimited opportunities limited only by the creativity and imagination of the owners. Her team recently signed the owners of Bored Ape Yacht Club Jenkins the Valet. The agency is now working with them for opportunities across films, books and podcasts.

“Hollywood is always looking for an interesting new IP that has a built-in community, whether it’s a book, a platform, or a newspaper article that has caused a lot of buzz,” Popper said. “There’s a play here where you as the owner can market it and do just about anything.”

The executive body of the Civil Aviation Authority also stressed that the pandemic is accelerating opportunities in the Metaverse region. Over the past couple of years, for example, she said, people have increasingly embraced concerts in virtual worlds like Roblox, Fortnite, and Minecraft. In addition to selling merchandise, she said people can even convert their avatar’s dance moves into cash.

The opening speech ended a breakfast that celebrated Hollywood’s top business executives, who met face-to-face for the first time in three years. Richard Ravito of Citi National Bank, presenting sponsor of the event, launched a group of included speakers THR Executive Vice President and Co-Publisher Victoria Gold. (See photos of the event here.)

Richard Feldstein was the Business Director of the Year award winner, and his clients all over Hollywood include Adam Levine, Paul Rudd, and Kate Hudson. Benny Feldstein, daughter of Richard, and Levine presented him with the award in pre-recorded videos.

“Rich is like my second father,” said Levine, “and I’m really glad I didn’t get poor, and it all goes to you because without you, I might as well be.” “Thank you for constantly harassing me and harassing me to save my money.” Maroon 5 captain told Feldstein of the celebration and “opened Diet Cokes”.

Beanie Feldstein shared a joke going on in the family. “When our dad calls, he leaves us a message,” Rich Feldstein, CPA, called me back. “She said he now had to say ‘Rich Feldstein, icon business manager. ” The Box Mart The actress also said that her dad’s job “has always been a big part of [his] identity” and that she appreciates how much “his heart, mental strength, and respect he puts” into his work.

Richard Feldstein recalled widespread changes in his field over the 50 years of his career, including the advent of the computer, the Internet, and cryptocurrency. He stressed the importance of embracing them.

“Change is accelerating,” he said. “I see every five or ten years that there is something really impressive about running a business.”

THRThe 12th Annual Breakfast was held in Spago Beverly Hills and broadcast live on Zoom.

From left: Victoria Gould, executive vice president and co-publisher of The Hollywood Reporter. Richard Feldstein, owner of Icon Business Manager at THR; and Martha Henderson, Executive Vice President at National City Bank.

Amy Sussman/GA/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images

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