Collectible Monkey Water Presented to BAYC Fans at the Los Angeles Metaverse Show

Collectible Monkey Water Presented to BAYC Fans at the Los Angeles Metaverse Show

If you want to know what hype a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT project might taste like soaked water, Ape Beverages has you covered.

Ape Beverages, which describes itself as “the world’s first Web3 lifestyle brand”, has launched its limited edition Drop 0001 – “Ape Water at Artcade”. According to the website, Artcade @ Fred Segal is the world’s first metaverse store on Sunset Blvd. In Los Angeles.

Photo: Fans line up outside the Artcade on Sunset Blvd. (Source: Monkey Drinks)

Ape Water is packaged in limited edition boxes and available at a four-week pop-up event called Apecade that showcases BAYC products, original content, and curated collectibles for the BAYC fan community.

16 oz. The cases feature brands from the Yuga Labs NFT Project including Apes representing iconic personalities such as EminemAnd the steve curryAnd the Snoop DoggAnd the Serena WilliamsAnd the Gary Vaynerchuk. These cans have been go viral since the beginning of September.

At the event, co-founder of Ape Beverages itay levler Declared “Plastic Abolished!” For the crowd who gathered to get the collectible water. One guest won the “Golden Box” which includes prizes such as access to merchandise and future Ape Water special gatherings.

To coincide with the launch, Ape Beverages has published an illustrated roadmap, which includes cryptic plans that extend beyond bottled water and anticipate the formation of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and the start of a future beverage research facility.

Photo: Monkey Drinks Roadmap (Source: Monkey Drinks)

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In exclusive comments to Benzinga, Ape Beverages answered some questions about the project.

You have licensed the IP from BAYC. What are the other associations between BAYC and Yuga Labs with this decline?

“Yuga Labs has shown great support since day one. Crypto Garga and Gordon Goner followed us after the leaked product image went viral on Twitter. The official BAYC Twitter and Instagram are reposting our content and that of our community members.”

What is the point of Ape Water, other than expanding the BAYC brand?

“We want to remove plastics as the default solution for single-use water and to ensure water rights for future generations through Water DAO. Ape Water is a next-generation water brand here to advance society in a fun and playful way as we bring awareness to some global and environmental issues and offer solutions.”

Who is the target customer for Monkey Water?

“The brand appeals to all ages, from discerning customers who want to drink the world’s best water to Web3 enthusiasts and collectors who want to unlock and access unique experiences and rewards through our simplified tools.”

Pike Drinks

This may be the first monkey-themed water that can be grouped, but it’s not the first drink to use the BAYC brand. In August, Happy Dad launched a new app Banana flavor solid seltzer Drinks available in stores. In July, the North Pier Brewing Company released a file IPA . Boredom Monkey Available at Benton Harbor Brewery, Michigan.

According to the Aluminum Association, aluminum cans are the most sustainable form of beverage packaging. Ape Beverages said the water won’t taste aluminum because the cans have a small BPA-free liner, which prevents the aluminum from coming into direct contact with the water.

Ape Beverages has not indicated that it is taking any other proprietary measures to offset the carbon impact of its own operations or minting of NFT products, although a recent Ethereum merger and switch to Proof-of-Stake would have a positive impact.

Monkey Boxes will be available online in the coming weeks, but in the meantime they will appear at participating retailers.

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