Coreum launches smart contract WASM support on Devnet

Coreum launches smart contract WASM support on Devnet

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, September 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Following the Coreum roadmap, the Sologenic Development Foundation announced that the new Layer 1 Devnet will be updated today to support WASM smart contracts and gas price calculations. Along with the update, Coreum unveils the capability of distributed ledger technology solutions for all enterprise needs.

an introduction Tiered Blockchain for Enterprise (EGB), Coreum hints at a new blockchain networking standard designed to provide essential tools and infrastructure for companies of any size so they can build, integrate and run decentralized applications.

agreed with ISO 20022Some of the key elements that the EGB blockchain provides are security, scalability, efficiency and optional KYC to suit the requirements of regulators when it comes to highly regulated financial sectors. Furthermore, if an organization chooses to refrain from using the Know Your Customer feature during development, corum The blockchain provides completely anonymous transactions by default.

WASM Smart Contracts – A Developer Friendly Framework

web assembly It is a key component of Coreum’s scalability. Supporting multiple programming languages ​​and providing a more comprehensive toolkit than the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) allows developers to write smart contracts in any language they are comfortable with, including Rust, C/C++, Typescript and Kotlin.

Moreover, by taking advantage of the advantages of bundled code, WASM can load and execute smart contracts faster, while increasing the number of transactions processed per block.

Synergistically, this update will allow projects to begin building on the blockchain as the first wave of Coreum grantees have been selected. With this first wave of grants centered around DeFi protocols, wallet applications, and PR applications; We should expect to launch these projects along with Corum Minute In Q1-2023. Wave 2 apps will open soon and all documentation available to developers at Developer Center section of the site.

On the other hand, it is important to consider that Coreum has not made any token sales and aims to be an entirely community-led technology. monthly Air drop CORE tokens are allocated to SOLO holders and 30% more of the total supply will be distributed to the CORE community in the future as well.

“Currently, blockchain technology is not widely adopted by the traditional finance sectors. There is a lack of first-class blockchain protocols that directly address and resolve the regulatory concerns of financial sectors while providing security, speed, and cost-effective and scalable transactions. The first blockchain to solve These concerns are likely to change the game forever.” – Bob Ras (Coreum Co-Creator).

About Coreum
Coreum is the first EGB. A new generation of enterprise-oriented blockchain needs to provide fast, cost-effective, scalable and interoperable blockchain infrastructure in line with ISO20022.

About Sologenic
The Sologenic Development Foundation is an independent community of developers who are actively working on various open source projects and use cases around SOLO and CORE tokens. More information can be found at

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