Corridor to host Knostalgia - hip hop/martial arts festival at Metaverse ft.  Martial Club and RZA

Corridor to host Knostalgia – hip hop/martial arts festival at Metaverse ft. Martial Club and RZA

The first-of-its-kind festival will be held exclusively in Passage, and will feature the exclusive edition of the new Rap Is A Martial Art project “Knostalgia”, with appearances and performances by Martial Club, RZA, Cory Gunz, Mickey Factz and more.

the passagea platform for creating and connecting Metaverse experiences, today Knostalgiaa hip-hop and martial arts festival in partnership with rapper Philip Prosper, better known as “Rap is a martial art. ”

The virtual event will be hosted in Passage with 3D video chat and spatial audio, and will feature the exclusive release and performance of the new Rap Is A Martial Art project.”KnostalgiaOn February 25, 2023.

Knostalgia’s lineup will feature performances, talks, and appearances by prominent hip-hop and martial arts artists, including:

“It has been a dream for a long time to combine the worlds of hip-hop and martial arts into one event,” said Rap Is A Martial Art. “The Passage team shares my disruptive DNA out of the box. With first-class 3D aesthetics and unparalleled vision, they were the perfect partner and right hand to bring this experience to life. Hosting Knostalgia in the Passage Metaverse allows us to create a one-of-a-kind event with global reach, with Maintaining the personal touch and offering high artistic value.”

The brainchild of rapper and former international kung fu champion, Knostalgia is a unique event that fuses the worlds of hip-hop and martial arts in an immersive virtual environment.

Fans interested in attending the festival can join the waiting list for tickets at Site.

“As a combat club, we have long prided ourselves on being at the forefront of martial arts in cinema,” said Daniel Mah, co-founder of Martial Club. “We are excited to work with Passage and Rap Is A Martial Art to contribute to a future where martial arts and hip-hop can be experienced on a whole new level in a virtual space. Innovation is key to the survival and evolution of our art form, and we believe the Metaverse is the platform we can take to the next level. The highest level “.

Knostalgia is hosted exclusively on Passage, a platform for building and connecting virtual and physical experiences. Attendees can join the festival via their web browser on any device thanks to the live in-browser broadcast and Passage’s 3D communications infrastructure. Passage is built with Unreal Engine 5, enabling high-quality real-time 3D graphics and immersive visuals.

Follow this latest news date Passage CEO Caleb Applegate, a Web3 and entertainment expert, is currently leading a $9.2 million private sale of the project’s original PASG token. So far, the team behind Passage has worked with leading brands like Capitol Records, Amazon Studios and American Girl to host customized experiences using Passage technology.

Philip Prosper (aka Rap Is A Martial Art), Martial Club co-founder Daniel Mah, Passage founder and chief marketing officer Lex Avellino are available for interviews upon request.

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Passage is an ecosystem for building and connecting virtual and physical experiences in the Metaverse. Built on the Cosmos platform, Passage is non-blockchain and offers a suite of tools to make the Metaverse more accessible: in-browser streaming, worldwide trade for exchangeable tokens and NFTs, and a 3D communications infrastructure. The Passage ecosystem is fed by PASG, the original utility token used in the Passage worlds. For more information, visit Site.

About rap is a martial art

Philip Prosper, better known as Rap Is A Martial Art, is an American rapper and writer. With its bold, rhyming, and martial arts action, rap is a martial art often compared to the Wu-Tang Clan, which has been praised by Wu World Radio and Redman for its singing skills and illustrious martial arts heritage. An enigma in the full sense of the word, it bounces seamlessly between the realms of old-school hip-hop lyricism to pop singles that focus on melody, rhyme, and nostalgia. For more information, visit his website website.

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