Crurated becomes the first blockchain and member-based wine community to offer partial barrel sales powered by NFT technology

Crurated becomes the first blockchain and member-based wine community to offer partial barrel sales powered by NFT technology


New features give Crurated Members the ability to purchase portions of wine in barrels and customize exclusive bottle layouts and labeling

Among the world-famous producers are Domaine Fourier, Charles Lachaux, Domaine Robert Grover, Domaine Vincent Dancer, Domaine de Montiel and Domaine Pierre Girardin.

London – September 26, 2022 – Wine futures, sometimes called En Primeur, are a way to purchase the most sought after wine before it has been bottled and released to the market. Crurated, a blockchain-based wine community and member, is taking this concept to the next level with new technology that provides sourcing as well as customization for blends. Alfonso Di Gaetano, founder of the company, announced that Crurated members can now purchase parts of certified drums through blockchain technology and NFT. This new offering also gives members the ability to customize bottle and label layouts based on their unique needs.

Crurated offers partial drum sales with world-renowned producers including Domaine Fourrier, Charles Lachaux, Domaine Robert Groffier, Domaine Vincent Dancer, Domaine De Montille and Domaine Pierre Girardin.

Crurated also offers curated experiences of the top 10 partial barrel purchases, in terms of monetary value. Experiences include a visit with a wine producer, a tour of a winemaking facility, a winemaking dinner and other events curated based on the location.

Many of our valued customers often order larger volumes bottles. “Partial barrel sales and buyers’ ability to customize bottle size allow us to determine the exact number and sizes of bottles we will need. Now the only way to get larger formats from Domaine Robert Groffier is through Crurated,” said Nicholas Groffier of Domaine Robert Groffier.

“This new concept completely changes the way we sell rare bottled wine to consumers,” said Alfonso. Fractional ownership has been around for decades and is just now being applied to digital art in the NFT space. While part of the bored monkey may be a unique application of technology, it is shared and not something you can enjoy on its own. Our concept is revolutionizing micro-ownership powered by NFTs from By introducing the value of the origin for further wine authentication. Members can also customize their bottle formats and labels and then estimate the rarity portion of the real world.”

The current schedule for partial sales of French drums includes:

  • September 26 – October 2: Domaine Fourier – 2 barrels
  • October 3 – October 9: Charles Lachaux – 6 drums
  • Oct 10 – Oct 16: Domaine Vincent Dancer – 1 Barrel
  • October 17 – October 23: Domaine de Montiel – 2 barrels
  • Oct 24 – Oct 30: Domain Robert Grover – 5 drums
  • October 31 – November 6: Domaine Pierre Girardin – 5 drums

About Crured

Launched in 2021 with a focus on France and Italy, Crurated is a membership-based wine community designed to connect experts directly with world-class producers. A team of professionals deliver personalized services and original experiences, while Crurated’s seamless logistics service ensures quality and source thanks to secure wine cellar storage and innovative blockchain technology. For more information about Crurated, visit


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