Cryptocurrency News Today: What Are The Top 3 Hyped Cryptocurrencies Today - Stellar, Shiba Inu and Moshnake?

Cryptocurrency News Today: What Are The Top 3 Hyped Cryptocurrencies Today – Stellar, Shiba Inu and Moshnake?

The coin market is similar to other financial markets around the world. Every experienced trader knows the importance of hype and how it can catalyze assets to new heights. As a result, most traders have found buying coins with a lot of hype around them. While this may sound like a sound strategy, it is interesting to note that sometimes certain currencies appear out of nowhere and dominate the market space. Oftentimes, these explosive price moves happen when no one is paying attention.

If you are interested in trying another trading strategy, buying currencies that are not the center of the news and waiting for them to boom, then this piece is for you. You will find a list of cryptocurrency tokens that are currently being flagged but with the potential for more.


The interesting thing to note about the currency market is that there are many innovative digital assets. Each of them offers something different. While you will find coins content to be used only as a means of payment and asset transfer, others provide a unique type of benefit. Stellar is one of those projects that offers a completely different set of features to the currency market. This cryptocurrency is designed to support payment systems around the world. It aims to be the first blockchain-based solution to standardize the traditional financial system.

Think of the near limitless possibilities that traditional financial institutions would enjoy if their transactions could be processed smoothly without lengthy confirmations. This means that Stellar can be used to process cryptocurrency transactions. Stellar was a decentralized protocol created by the Stellar Development Foundation. XLM is the token that supports this decentralized protocol. Through token burns, the Stellar Development Foundation plans to maintain a high price for its digital assets. These burns will reduce the total supply of the Stellar.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu has been among the most popular coins in the coin market. But the hype around it has largely subsided. After Shiba Inu proved its ability to compete with Dogecoin, many users started flocking to it. They believed that Shiba Inu would be the next top coin in the crypto space. There were some interesting things to note about the Shiba Inu.

To start with, Shiba Inu adopts a community-driven approach. This means that the user community will determine its growth and development. Today, there are over five hundred thousand users on Shiba Inu, and more is still on the way. This active community of users is referred to as the Sheba Army. Also, the developers of Shiba Inu recognized some of the shortcomings of Dogecoin. That’s why they rest assured that Shiba Inu will have a limited supply in the market.

Moreover, Shiba Inu is more than just a meme currency. It will be an ecosystem for cryptocurrency activities. Through ShibaSwap, users can trade different cryptocurrencies for each other. Shiba Inu introduced token burns to reduce the number of SHIBs in circulation and force their value to increase.


moshnack It is an NFT game played to earn that has won the hearts of cryptocurrency users all over the world. Why did users fall in love with this token? Well, Moshnake adopts the same system as an old old game. Therefore, this game brings back unique memories for the users. Anyone can be a part of the Moshnake gaming world, but you’ll need to get your own NFT snake to get started. You can buy a boa, a cobra, a krait or a mamba. However, you need to note that the prices and features of each are different.

Players will earn money by sponsoring their NFT snake. The longer it lasts, the more money you will earn from it. Your snake will grow by feeding it eggs and other in-game items. To purchase these items, you will spend MSH tokens.



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