Cryptocurrency Trader Not Posting Bitcoin Price Prediction

Cryptocurrency Trader Not Posting Bitcoin Price Prediction

DonAlt shared a new Bitcoin price prediction today on Twitter and YouTube, where he has 469,000 followers including subscribers to his YouTube TechnicalRoundup channel.

donalt (Tweet embed) He stated that he is “buying now” around $19,000, which is “always comfortable to buy under $20,000” – 14:10 timestamp in the video below.

He does not rule out Bitcoin trading lower in the short term, in which case he will ‘buy more’ and add to his spot position – warning against using leverage with upcoming CPI data on Thursday.

DonAlt is live streaming on TechnicalRoundup every week along with another famous dealer Tweet embedwho has 501,000 followers on Twitter.

Avoid Predicting Bitcoin Prices – Crypto Twitter

The rationale for DonAlt – shared by many other prominent crypto Twitter accounts such as TraderSZ and CryptoISO – is that the markets have been so battered and battered that there is likely to be a move to the upside for now. Even if it’s just a bear market rally to squeeze out the sneak shorts, within the overall long-term downtrend.

His advice is to buy a pullback on Bitcoin now when the market is ‘frustrating’, as a way better than FOMO’ing in green candles and over $100,000 price targets shared by the most vocal Bitcoin bulls like Michael Saylor.

DonAlt also tweeted that his “gut to trading markets” (eg the S&P 500) has gone down, but that crypto will finally start to break away and rise.

In the past few days, Bitcoin has shown signs of resilience against the SPX – while so far in 2022 this has only been a sign that the cryptocurrency is lagging, DonAlt is optimistic that the relationship between Bitcoin and stocks will come to an end.

DonAlt’s new bitcoin price prediction is notable with his wide following, and since he meticulously warned traders of the upcoming bear market around the November 2021 peak.

When Bitcoin printed an SFP pattern (failure swing pattern) at the previous high of $65,000, DonAlt tweeted along the lines of ‘See you guys in a year“.

Then, when the bitcoin price started a near-twelve-month correction, DonAlt warned against opening a position, most of which remains cash – for now. He also criticized Do Kwon and Terra Luna long before their crash in May 2022.

Weekly Time Frame Bitcoin Price Chart, Source – Technical Wave

Later in his Bitcoin analysis video, DonAlt identified the price levels above.

He mentioned that while he doesn’t think Bitcoin will reach $33,000 in the short term, by the first quarter of 2023, he doesn’t expect it to reach the $12-14K region either – a popular price target for bitcoin bears, and monthly support.

His current bitcoin price target is the $29,000 area where he will sell bitcoin to get rid of it.

Cryptocurrency price movements

Bitcoin price is currently testing the $19,200 level and around 1% higher in the past 24 hours, quickly recovering from two small dips earlier today when the Producer Price Index data and FOMC minutes were released.

Looking at the strength of Bitcoin today, ISO encryption – which has 115,000 followers – is expected to rise tomorrow if the CPI has “a hint of anything positive”.

Many of the cryptocurrencies we’ve been watching closely are back in the headlines – Tamadoge (TAMA) is up 29% in the last day on the OKX exchange.

Terra Classic is trending due to new news that Binance has burned nearly 3 billion LUNC from circulating supply.

The IMPT token pre-sale is also approaching the $4 million mark that has been raised.


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