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LOS ANGELES, October 17, 2022 (Globe Newswire) – decentralizationToday, the largest user-owned and operated virtual social scientist, announced the release of the second year of the Metaverse Music Festival (MVMF), including proven talent, new types of metaverse experiences, and more. This year, MVMF returns even bigger and bolder from November 10 to 13 with 100 confirmed artists (more to come) across the stages of a uniquely curated community genre, with newly created and Web3-enabled immersive music experiences. MVMF is offered by digital asset platform Kraken, and is free for everyone to attend, no VR, ticket or headset required.

In October 2021, Decentraland hosted the inaugural Metaverse Music Festival which hosted over 80 artists including Web3 creators Deadmau5, 3LAU, Paris Hilton, RAC and Alison Wonderland, and saw 50,000 unique people in attendance during the 4-day event. Since then, top artists including Jason Derulo and Grimes, labels and producers have embraced virtual shows which led to MTV announcing a new metaverse category on their site. 2022 VMAs.

Located in the cyberpunk city of the future, the centerpiece of the 2022 festival is the Babel Theater featuring Vladimir Cauchimar from Universal Music France, award-winning Chinese idol group SNH48, CryptoPunk Rapper Spottie WiFi, Japanese girl group Atarashii Gakko! Funk band Amadis & The Ambassador, Finnish one-orchestra Maja Kaohannin, space rock project Handshakes, British DJ and producer Akira the Dawn, Losers DJ Eddie Temple Morris and Klisma artists (music launch platform Web3). K-Pop 2 AM, Israeli DJs and producers Erika Krall and Lianne Gould and former PIP Division 1 athletes.

The Metaverse Music Festival features exhibition organizers who are redefining IP ownership and seeking to transform the music industry through Web3 technology and artificial intelligence software, including:

  • The iconic OZZFEST World Tour Metal Festival that has launched the careers of countless new bands, including Slipknot, Disturbed, System of a Down, Incubus, Lamb of God and many more, is coming to Decentraland with a confirmed virtual performance from Ozzy Osbourne himself (new from his album). New #1 in the global chart Patient Number 9) and exciting stunts to be announced soon.
  • Popular music brand LIMEWIRE will host one of the main stages with an exclusive avatar show and a music video presentation of Soulja Boy directed by Grammy Award-nominated director Yasha Gruben, as well as many other musical artists of various genres.
  • The AR metaverse platform OVER will showcase the experiences and performances of DJ Regard, Morgan, Jamis, Nicola Fasano, Danilo Rossi and Azel.
  • UNPAIRED, the team responsible for Party Degenerates NFT, will open OxArena, a one-of-a-kind venue with an outdoor theatre, 3 indoor clubs, a concept store and an NFT gallery. Join curated shows from Superf3st, Volta XR, Revealed Recordings, Fold London and more.
  • Metaverse Musical Company SOUNDR presenting the stage includes Junior Andre, Ellysse Mason, Tarune, Lil Yamaha, Miya Miya and Soundr Skullz’s first AI virtual band.
  • RANDOM RAVERS, a metaverse music brand, presents The Raverse, an immersive rave experience featuring international artists such as Dead-Tones, Ray Kash, Kana Hishiya, NonCitizens and more.
  • METATOKYO will present a stage featuring Japanese musical acts, artists from the Metaverse, and a special installation – a giant dancing puppet made in collaboration with Metaani, NFT Character and famous Japanese artist Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

This year, Decentraland doubled down on music in the metaverse. MVMF will showcase the latest metaverse technology that offers listeners truly unique experiences that are only available through a virtual world. Unique in Decentraland Emotions This feature allows any creator around the world to create custom movements and gestures that bring your avatar to life, and will be an essential part of how party-goers are entertained with dance and self-expression during the festival. New motion capture technology will also be showcased at this global stage of Move which enables motion capture without suits and which aims to enable creators to create NFTs using only a phone’s camera. Kraken will also be introducing a series of exclusive NFT wearables to festival-goers, unveiling an NFT pop-up exhibition as well as hosting a special after-party fest.

Whether it’s promoting an album release, supporting an NFT strategy, trying out metaverse shows, or finding new ways to share their music with new audiences, Decentraland’s MVMF app supports artists in a myriad of ways. New fan engagement models – such as wearables and gated and exclusive NFT experiences – have gained momentum over the past year and will be taken to another level this year. Artists playing at MVMF have worked with community designers at Decentraland to create one-of-a-kind swag options and specials to be announced soon.

For this year’s festival, star producer, songwriter and DJ Dillon Francis has teamed up with Vegas City to bring Dillon Francis’s newest mega club to Decentraland. Dillon will open the festival with a very special collection that will be shown on several screens throughout the huge club throughout the weekend, making it a right to pass of sorts for anyone who comes to the festival at any time. Attendees will also be able to play Smash the Piñata with Dillon’s famous Piñata friend Gerald and chase him around the venue.

The Decentraland Festival District showcases an array of new experiences and exciting performances including the Jerry Garcia Acoustic Stage, MultiNFT Techno Parkour Stage, a pop-up nightclub from the MODA DAO 3 music web, and most importantly the OG Theater featuring Decentraland’s most popular musicians and performers production. promoters.

Last but not least, Decentraland will offer a variety of new metaverse experiences for users to attend when their ears need a moment of respite, such as Portalo experience for follow the bunny to me Take the blue pill expertise. Other Experiences are geared toward creators and community organizers looking to develop more embedded experiences, showcased by MadMax Decentralized The Race, a community dance competition that uses the first generation of Emotionsand the Backstage pass mission.

Join Decentraland in the next batch of Metaverse Music Festival by pre-registering for event link. Follow us Twitter At #DCLMMVMF22 and join our Discord to learn more about specific experiences and artists not yet announced who will be joining us at MVMF. See you at the show.

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