Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival Lineup Announcement & Dates - Billboard

Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival Lineup Announcement & Dates – Billboard

With cancellations continuing on the real-life tours, Artist BoyAnd the Dillon Francis And the Ozzy Osbourne They are heading to virtual worlds. The Metaverse Music Festival returns November 10-13 for its second year at Decentraland – an immersive digital world built using blockchain technology and owned by its users – with over 100 artists across 15 stages. The event will be free and no crypto wallet is required to participate.

Located in the cyberpunk city of the future, Dillon Francis will open the festival with a “mega club” experience displayed on multiple screens, while Soulja Boy will perform through a virtual avatar. The digital setting also allows for elaborate stage design. “the last [headline set] It should look like a city from the future, deserted for 100 years.” Sam HamiltonCreative Director of the Decentraland Foundation.

Despite the contrasting background, the team hopes to recreate a realistic festival experience, complete with atmospheric rain (every festival needs mud), custom dance moves called ‘vibes’, pop-up nightclubs and even a virtual porta potty experience.

“[We’re] Trying to capture that chaos that happens in a real festival within a digital world,” explains Hamilton.

The festival has a diverse lineup thanks to the global community of Decentraland that selects many artists. “We’re arranging the main stage,” she says. Ayara Dias, president of the Metaverse Music Festival, said, “But we gave the rest of the stages to the community in order to organize.” As a result, the lineup also includes Chinese idol group SNH48 and Japanese J-pop group Atarashii Gakko!

“Rather than trying to be American-centric, we’re trying to offer everyone a cultural experience that they wouldn’t normally get,” Hamilton adds.

Over 50,000 people have signed up to Decentraland to experience the inaugural event of 2021 with performances by artists of crypto-origin including Didmao 5And the 3LAUand RAC and Alison Wonderland. This year will also feature crypto favorites like CryptoPunk Spottie Wifi rapper and British DJ Akira the Don, but the foundation hopes the big-name slate will expand the festival’s reach.

Virtual music shows have grown in popularity in recent years, in part due to the COVID-19 shutdown that has led to the suspension of IRL concerts. Travis Scott And the Ariana Grande Both gave virtual concerts in the virtual gaming world of Fortnite, while MTV launched the Best Metaverse Performance category.

However, Decentraland is different from the metaverss of companies like Fortnite because it is owned and operated by its users through encryption technology. Land within the world can be bought and traded by the community which then chooses what to build. Wearable devices and digital items can be traded on the platform’s local market.

“The big difference is philosophy,” says Hamilton. “We believe that the user should not be the product, but should own and direct the product.”

The Decentraland community also helps with decision making through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Despite the hype last year, these virtual crypto-worlds are not as popular as Fortnite, Roblox, and others. With the tides out on the metaverse mania, Decentraland has nearly 60,000 monthly active users according to data provided by the organization; Few compared to the tens of millions of daily users in game worlds like Roblox.

“We’ve been working hard to keep up with the hype,” admits Hamilton. “It took us longer to create a better platform with more features but hype [of 2021] It came very quickly.”

Last year’s festival brought Decentraland’s biggest numbers of the year, and Hamilton believes this year’s event will bring another wave of new users to the platform. He concludes that “metaverse is inevitable”. Zooming out, he envisions a network of virtual worlds, some centralized and some decentralized, but not necessarily dominated by a single company or platform. “It definitely happens.”

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