Novuszilla Limited, a company registered in United kingdom And the The United Arab Emirates He talks about introducing a new ecosystem where users can switch from P2P Trust to P2P Assurance. In a recent interview Bitcon1 contributors Arno VallaAnd the Kevin Guerin And the Rep Etienne Explain how Bitcon1 in partnership with Novuszilla limited is spreading its operations across the world to introduce this new ecosystem. They consider India as one of the most targeted countries to bring about this new revolution.

The company is launching a decentralized finance-based application that runs on a cryptocurrency-based blockchain, Bitcoin 1 Smart series. Recently the company Partnership with Bitcon1 to me Use its smart chain and build your Defi app. The main advantage of this Defi app is to eliminate the use of third parties for payment processing. The app will bring more trust between B2B, B2C or P2P.

The app generates a private key that allows you to set your own terms and trigger them through the smart contract providing more flexibility, scalability, reliability and blockchain sovereignty.

Novuszilla It is a single platform that brings logistics, healthcare, agriculture and the entertainment industry to the blockchain, works towards full decentralization, and is a marketplace for all virtual assets. It aims to build a community interested in virtual assets integrated with Web 3.0 and Metaverse. Novuszilla The team is building an all-in-one crypto platform, consisting of a virtual world presented to you with a Metaverse to integrate with Bitcoin 1.

Novuszilla NFT Marketplaces launch NFT for celebrities which means tokenizing their digital artworks and connecting fans to their favorite artists through the means of NFTs and cryptocurrencies providing artists their deserved rewards and making it possible for every fan to access their favorite artist with their point of interest. The popular batch of NFTs will be launched in the first quarter of 2023.

Blockchain is an emerging technology that is being applied to create innovative solutions in various sectors, Novuszilla Using blockchain as a key technology in the healthcare field, Novuszilla is building a system in the healthcare field to maintain and share patient data by hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, pharmacy companies, and physicians. as such Novuszilla Blockchain applications can accurately identify critical errors, even critical errors in the medical field.

Provides diversity, interdependence, accountability, and authentication for data access. For various purposes, health records must be kept secure and confidential. Novuszilla Helps protect decentralized data in healthcare and avoids identified threats.

As blockchain technology is so new, supply chain decision makers need clear guidelines, tools, and frameworks to help them maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of this technology, and this is where Bitcon1 comes in. This toolkit will be industry-created and tried-and-tested, so Novuszilla You can see what works and what doesn’t. Novuszilla It will put the puzzle together, so that others don’t have to start from scratch. It will make Bitcon1 an effective process for users and large multinational companies to work on this idea.

we hope Novuszilla It will make a difference in the digital world in Partnership with Bitcon1 By bringing in full automation and helping young people grow up with it.

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