El Salvador: Bitcoin ATMs in Pokéli's Country

El Salvador: Bitcoin ATMs in Pokéli’s Country

When it comes to Bitcoin ATMs, it seems that El Salvador did not move forward in 2022, dropping to fourth place in the global ranking of countries with the most number of Bitcoin ATMs and leaving third place to Spain.

El Salvador Didn’t Increase Bitcoin ATMs in 2022

The country where bitcoin is legal tender It seems that El Salvador has not implemented any strategy to increase BTC ATM facilities in 2022.

In fact, in the global distribution ranking mentioned before ATMRadar . coinIt seems El Salvador has come off the podiumleaving her Third place after Spain, which currently hosts as many as 260 crypto ATMs.

In fact, as it was announce in the beginning of the year, The European country intends to install up to 100 new Bitcoin ATMs in the country by the end of the yearThanks to the cooperation between Bitnovo and Eurocoin.

El SalvadorOn the other hand, it is still 212 Bitcoin ATM installation processadding only 7 installations during 2022.

El Salvador and the general decline in Bitcoin ATMs in 2022

Overall data analysis for 2022 so far, It appears that El Salvador has chosen to reduce or stop the number of Bitcoin ATM installations in her.

In fact, while 2021 appears to have spurred its growth, thanks to the law making BTC legal tender in the country, today it appears that Instead, the long crypto winter reignsalso recording a decline in Bitcoin ATMs.

data It reveals that as of January 2021, 14,040 ATMs were installed worldwide, which became 33,850 as of December 28. This is more than double the number of ATMs installed in one year.

in contrast, 2022 sees a graph with a flatter growth curve. Compared to 34,393 on January 1, 2022, there are now 38,656 Bitcoin ATMs, Just a little over 4000 machines in 10 months.

A little over a year since the Bitcoin law: the benefits for the country

It was September 7, 2021 when Bitcoin became official as legal tender in El Salvador, A little over a year ago.

Seemingly , Bitcoin LawWhile many criticize him, It seems that he brought public benefits to the citizens. In fact, the country’s central bank claimed that thanks to Bitcoin, 70% of the population Those who did not have access to the banking system now have the ability to transact and Receiving money transfers from abroad.

Other benefits have been reported in the tourism sector. El Salvador with its Bitcoin law seems to have attracted many investors, but also many curious people who landed in the Land of Surf to see how the system works.

In the first six months of 2022, the country’s tourism agency reported the presence of a 82%, with around 1.1 million tourists arriving.

Lugano wants to follow El Salvador’s lead

Looks like Lugano likes it too Follow in El Salvador’s footstepsEspecially after it was made Bitcoin and Tether Official as Legal Currency in March 2022and want to make The Swiss city is a hub for cryptocurrency.

And so while in El Salvador, there is a known president Neb Bokel who made bitcoin law possible, In Lugano there is Michel Follettia lively mayor who seems to be on the same page.

On September 7, 2022, Folletti is said to have celebrated the first year of El Salvador’s Bitcoin legal tender With Bukele’s congratulations too.

Lugano has always been one of the most open cities for events, exhibitions, conferences, case studies as well as use cases related to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Nayib Bukele defies the constitution and runs for president again

Despite an explicit ban on serving presidents for consecutive presidential terms, it appears that Knepp Bukele nevertheless chose to run for a second five-year term.

Rebel Bukele does not intend to stop, but rather defies the constitution In order to continue the presidency of El Salvador.

Indeed, having become president in 2019, the president is apparently preparing to run for the next election in 2024, the year when the fourth Bitcoin halving will happen as well.

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