Elizabeth Banks and Archer Rose try their new Bubbly Rose fragrance at Metaverse - kind of

Elizabeth Banks and Archer Rose try their new Bubbly Rose fragrance at Metaverse – kind of

Boston, October 13, 2022 While every brand seems to be racing toward the new technology playground known as the metaverse, Archer Rose – A leading canned wine company – decided to participate in a different way, by highlighting the confusion behind what the metaverse actually is. They did so alongside Chief Creative Officer Elizabeth Banks.

Join Banks as she tries out a new variety of Archer Roose, Bubbly Rosé, in metaverse. Archer Rose leaves it to his clients to decide for themselves whether they have done a decent job explaining and navigating the metaverse. However, at the end of the day, the brand realizes that perhaps it’s best to enjoy the wine in real life.

“We love technology and innovation,” says Marianne Leitner, CEO of Archer Rose. “But as a wine brand, what we love is bringing people together here in the real world, telling stories, eating great food and drinking delicious wine. So having some fun with the metaverse was easy for us.”

Archer Rose has mocked marketing conferences in the past, introducing his partnership with Elizabeth Banks through a video called “An Uninvited Guest.” In it, Elizabeth Banks simply appeared in the CEO’s house and did not leave, forcibly making herself the spokesperson for the brand. Archer Rose also launched a bounty program by offering consumers free venomous snakes, only to eventually replace the program with a real reptile-free program.

“You see every brand racing to have a presence on the metaverse, but a lot of consumers don’t really understand what that means,” Banks says. “As a brand, there’s an opportunity to connect and laugh with consumers and say, ‘Don’t worry, you’re not alone.'”

The new website was created by Archer Rose Recording Agency, the giant. Archer Rose is a women’s owned and operated business. For this production, Colossus continued the “Girl gang” approach using a female production crew, director, and editor.

You can watch the video “Archer Rose Metaverse” over here.

Archer Roose’s new Bubbly Rosé can be purchased over here.

About Archer Rose

Archer Rose prides itself on the craftsmanship of our winemaking. We go back to the foundation of wine as it was – establishing relationships with the winemaking community, preserving the earth, and sourcing the best wines with the finest grapes. But we also form the basis of wine as it should be – paying attention to the planet and the lifestyles of those who drink it. We create a new tradition, putting Archer Rose wine into the modern lifestyle of the modern drinker.

For more information, please visit the website www.archerroose.com and check out Instagram And the Facebook.

about the giant

Colossus is an advertising and creative firm based in Boston, Massachusetts. We are an independent creative firm that collaborates with a select number of like-minded brands that view creativity as a business lever. We’ve built small – by design – that makes us smart, efficient and adaptable to our customers’ needs. You don’t need to be big to be a giant in stature. After all, a tweet can topple the stock market. Prince was only 5 2″ tall. Our goal is to help brands break white noise into normal habits by shaping art, technology, and commerce into meaningful experiences. For more information, please visit the websitewearecolossus.com.

About Elizabeth Banks

Actress, producer, writer, and director Elizabeth Banks is known for her roles in both comedies and dramas, as well as film and television. Her work includes feature performances on projects such as The Hunger Games franchise, Love & Mercy, The LEGO Movie, Mrs. America. She is also a three-time Emmy nominee for her recurring roles in 30 Rock and Modern Family. In terms of production, Banks made her directorial debut in 2015 with Pitch Perfect 2, and produced the Pitch Perfect franchise through production company Brownstone Productions, along with her husband, Max Handleman. Brownstone Productions’ roster includes numerous collaborations in film, television and digital across various networks and studios, including the critically acclaimed comedy Shrill on Hulu, starring SNL’s Aidy Bryant. Next, Banks will appear to star in the feature-length drama Call Jane alongside Sigourney Weaver, which premiered at the Sundance and London Film Festival. The Beanie Bubble along with Zach Galifianakis and Sarah Snook; A mistake directed by Kristen Jeffs. Banks produced and directed Universal Pictures’ thriller comedy Cocaine Bear, which is scheduled for release in February 2023.

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