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Everdome brings the Metaverse to Abu Dhabi

Everdome has taken center stage among the F1 race festivities in Abu Dhabi aiming to unveil the next phase of its hyper-realistic metaverse project.

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While the last Formula 1 race was held in Abu Dhabi, the Everdome was on full display showcasing the next phase of hyper-realism. Metaverse project f BSC News Had the opportunity to test the virtual reality experience for the first time.

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While the technology was impressive, the real experience was in being able to pull back the curtain and analyze everdome And the unique team behind it. From the founding partner Miss you water For the metaverse world builder manager Lucas AlostThe Team She came out in full force. After spending several hours talking to all of them, one thing became immediately clear: bear market or not, everdome is a product-driven project with one goal in mind – to create a metaverse experience unlike any other.

Photo: Chief Operating Officer Jeremy Lopez discusses the importance of being in F1 racing.

“Development takes time. We set goals that are almost impossible to achieve,” said Everdome’s COO. Jeremy Lopez. “As a believer in technology, we believe our role is to help build the broader blockchain community.”

From gatherings to one-on-one conversations, the everdome The team is cerebral in their approach. for example, Lucas Alost They emphasized how focused they were on finding a synergistic balance between the real world and the digital world. Who’s coming Rocket launchset on November 30, for details such as the spawning site when inside the missile ship, every aspect is surgically thought out.

Photo: Alfa Romeo Orlin drivers Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu discuss the virtual reality experience with Chief Growth Officer, Artur Kaczmarczyk.


Projects are mostly externally judged and evaluated for the price and size of their respective tokens. When the token pumps, the interest goes up. When it deteriorates, you get the idea well. Interestingly, the DOME token conversation did not appear once. While curious at first, it became apparent that the team was sticking around building a high-performance product for its users. For Everdome, the end user is the main priority. This means that current market conditions and the impacts on its premium price will not force the project to change its long-term vision. There will be no short cuts.

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On site, the team carefully quizzed their discussions with guests and sought their insights and feedback, noting what worked, what could be better and ways to improve.

While the cryptocurrency industry continues to navigate all the current turmoil, as the saying goes, only projects that can build in these market conditions will emerge from the other side. BSC News has been tracking Everdome’s progress over the past half year and can say that this project doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

F1 Abu Dhabi / Middle East Blockchain Award

Many of the top cryptocurrency movers and shakers have descended on Abu Dhabi to enjoy the Formula 1 race, but most importantly, to attend the first ever Blockchain Awards in the Middle East (meba). He was among those present Inery Blockchain President Simon Murray, Kevin O’Leary And the Carl Ranveltplus more.

Focusing on emerging leaders in Web 3.0, a number of categories have been identified. The list featured the most influential women in crypto, the best mobile wallet, the promising Web 3.0 ecosystem and more. For a full list of categories and winners, click here over here.

What is everdome:

Everdome is the most realistic Metaverse. Bringing brands and users together in digital life meets real world experience, all with the goal of seamlessly connecting the digital and physical worlds – ultimately creating a more authentic Web 3 expertise.

Learn more about Everdome here:

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