Fashion NFT, Web3, Metaverse Projects Fall 2022

Between screen interfaces and emerging electronic spaces, NFTs And the web 3 Projects drive real human connections in digital platforms that go beyond technology, consumer relationships, and intangible touchpoints. A new vegan reality continues to emerge and we are here to brief you on the key players in the field.

This month, we saw Starbucks They announced Starbucks Odyssey, a new experience for Web3 rewards, while Balmain Teamed up with Minting studio and marketplace MINTNFT to develop an NFT-based premium membership system. Elsewhere, a model agency photo / genes Launched a new section for avatars and puma for the first time in metaverse When returning to New York Fashion Week.

Keep scrolling to see our favourites Electronic groups and Web3 initiatives this fall.

Barbie has joined the Boss Beauties on the female-focused NFT project.

Iconic Boss Beauty and Mattel Barbie Franchise has joined forces to launch a new set of NFTs focused on promoting women’s empowerment. The NFT collection, revealed during International Girl’s Day, included 15,000 exclusive digital assets that combined the signature artistic style of Boss Beauties with the iconic Barbie look. In an effort to celebrate Barbies representing more than 250 different professions to date, the NFTs have included a variety of professional traits, such as astronauts, archaeologists, beekeepers and corporate pioneers – demonstrating that any career path is possible for today’s girls. The collaboration also included $250,000 in funds raised collectively from the Foundation’s Barbie and Boss Beauty schemes to provide skill development, leadership opportunities, and mentorship programs to girls around the world.

HUGO has partnered with Imaginary Ones to launch the exclusive NFT Collection.

International fashion brand Hugo Join popular Web3 company, Imaginary Ones, in a comprehensive 360-degree Metaverse experience. Through the partnership, HUGO continues to take great strides forward in its exploration of digital ecosystems. The launch of its first collection of NFTs marked another milestone in the global modernization of the brand in 2022. Dubbed “Embrace Your Emotions,” the collection sought to encourage younger consumers to connect with their emotions. The NFT set consists of 1001 3D animations – one special NFT, that encapsulates the overall theme of the set, auction In honor of World Mental Health Day, with 100 percent of proceeds sent to Young people are aware of mental health.

The model agency PHOTO / GENICS has launched a new section for avatars.

Technical talent driven agency PHOTO / GENICS Announcing the launch of her avatar template section. Signed PHOTO/GENICS models can now choose to display “avant-garde avatars, photorealistic images” of themselves in their portfolios. Nina Hawkins Lilium Labs Together with 3D movie maker Sage Mouri from Horizon Lab, represents the technology that supports the creation of these 3D avatars. The Avatar division of Photogenics will begin its journey with the release of thirteen 3D avatar models. To discover virtual faces, check out Photogenics website.

Lacoste has unveiled “UNDW3: ​​The Emerge,” an experimental and collaborative world of Web3.

After the successful launch of the “UNDW3 Genesis Pass” earlier this year, Lacoste It continues to push the boundaries of consumer ownership with a new and innovative range of NFTs. The latest edition consists of an exclusive assortment of profile pictures available to UNDW3 members of the brand. Dubbed “The Emerge”, Lacoste is the first brand to launch an avatar collection in which its community can actively participate in defining the artistic direction, graphics and themes of the PFP. The iconic crocodile shirt brand is an active Discord participant, has over 60,000 members and is growing, making it easy for its community to develop meaningful connections and stay on top of new innovations. Emerge avatars give collectors the opportunity to hold meetings with the brand’s sporting ambassadors, privileged access to special sales, exclusive offers and more. To join the initiative and discover more, check out Lacoste UNDW3 site.

Balmain has expanded haute couture through its “Non-Fungible Thread” partnership.

luxury french brand Balmain Teamed up with Minting studio and marketplace MINTNFT to develop a new membership system based on NFT. “The Balmain Thread”, first introduced during Paris fashion week, will launch later this year and represent the luxury industry’s premier NFT rewards initiative. The program also acts as the balmain on MINTNFT’s latest offering – the “club”, which helps brands build their membership, loyalty and reward strategies through Web3 technologies. Balmain membership will offer a series of exclusive NFTs that provide its holders, known as the “Balmain Army”, access to VIP personal events, specially curated home groups, dynamic digital experiences and the power of community voting. The third annual Balmain Festival, celebrated last month, has given first-time Balmain Thread members a symbolic access.

Prada continued to outline the organization of the Web3 community with the NFT dropping in its October time capsule.

Prada She unveiled the launch of her fifth Timecapsule NFT collection. Available in both physical and digital, the latest edition of the No. 34 shirt is decorated with the month of “October” and showcases beach prints along with floral motifs and a contrasting topstitching pattern – all inspired by previous Prada collections. A key design element of the latest time capsule is the use of recycled fabric from the Prada archives, highlighting the luxury label’s continued focus on Sustainability. NFT collectors will have the opportunity to attend the upcoming “Prada Extends” celebration in MiamiPlus, unique benefits and other exclusive experiences. Since June 2022, Prada capsule sets It existed as a 24-hour online event on the first Thursday of every month, building it successfully web 3 social communication.

MCM launched MCM’etaverse global with partner Web3 Inverse.

million cubic meters She created her own virtual space titled “MCM’etaverse”. The immersive experience seamlessly integrates the digital and physical worlds, allowing fans to shop new collection styles, try on products and interact with friends. After launching into virtual experiments and the games with Zepeto and animal crossing In the past, MCM’etaverse has been part of MCM’s rapid approach to becoming one of the leading digital luxury fashion brands. In partnership with Web3 tech Startup inverseMCM’etaverse allows guests to shop for their favorite pieces and discover digital items and with real product images on display. The older flagship also includes the giant MCM Ultra Fragrances. MCM plans to unveil private virtual popups and give guests benefits such as digital collectibles, unique gifts, and more. Elsewhere, options for gender-neutral hairstyles, colors, skin tone, and MCM clothing are available.

Starbucks has prepared a rewards program experience with “Odyssey”.

Starbucks About a new Web3 rewards experience, dubbed Starbucks Odyssey, for customers and employees in the United States. The scheme is an extension of the coffee chain’s flagship Starbucks Rewards program, which members can access through an exclusive app. Rewards members can take part in Odyssey ‘trips’ – a series of immersive activities to deepen their knowledge of coffee and the company itself, including playing interactive games or taking on fun challenges. Upon completion of these trips, members are rewarded with special NFTs. Starbucks is one of the first companies to incorporate NFTs into an industry-leading rewards program. To find out more, visit Starbucks website.

Puma made her Metaverse debut upon her return to NYFW.

sports brand puma It unveiled its Web3 website ahead of its 75th anniversary. The new space, ‘Black Station’, serves as a ‘3D spatial playground’ within the Metaverse. The release also came with a limited edition of new sneakers for NitroPass, Nitro “NFRNO” and Nitro “Fastroid” holders. Nitropass is an evolution of the Puma experiences, the beginning of the next frontier for Puma products. NitroPass holders can trade in a sneaker and experience a personalized directly linked to the specific shoe. The immersive experience also allows users to interact with pieces from the latest collection and explore the brand through personalized experiences. The project marks Puma’s next step in integrating the brand’s digital interiors with real-world products.

Build-A-Bear celebrates its past and the future of Web3 with the NFT program.

Build-A-Bear Workshop has revealed its first collection of NFT Bears are plush bodied twins. The global multi-generational brand has teamed up with Sweet, a platform and the shop for NFT Programs and Experiences, to release three phases of the NFT Collections as part of its 25th Anniversary Celebration. THe campaigned Started auctioning Build-A-Bear’s first digital asset on blockchain – NFT combines one-on-one with matching physical Swarovski Crystal stuffed teddy bear. BABW will launch its second phase of NFTs in early November with an auction of five limited edition festival-themed silver bears consisting of physical and digital pairs. In December, the brand will release 5,000 final Generative Bear digital collectibles for the mint.

Claire’s Metaverse entered with “Shimmerville”, a vibrant city within Roblox.

I drew Claire effect Roblox To invite its general “Zalpha” to the vibrant city of ShimmerVille, a space to spark creativity in an immersive and engaging environment. ShimmerVille is a real community where guests can build, decorate and customize homes; Buy fun vehicles to get around town and access special events and partner experiences. The experience is a unique economy where visitors can earn digital currency through fun retail jobs, play a number of mini-games, or just spend the time experimenting. At launch, the virtual world introduced 15 colorful, fun and expressive pet companions, each with unique styles and personalities. More endless opportunities for avatar personalization and interactive gameplay experiences are yet to come.

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