FatMan sounds the alarm on Ronaldinho-backed ‘World Cup Inu’ crypto token

FatMan has sounded the alarm over Ronaldinho-backed ‘World Cup Inu’ crypto token


investigative work Tweet embed Unveiled suspicious codes for the newly released Inu World Cup code endorsed by Ronaldinho.

Ronaldinho is ‘delighted’ to join the Inoue World Cup family

We are weeks away from the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, which kicks off on November 20th with the final date set for December 18th. quarrelsincluding allegations of corruption in the host bid process and inhumane treatment of workers building the event’s infrastructure.

To accommodate Qatar, FIFA broke with tradition and took the unprecedented step of running the event during the winter season, affecting the schedule of domestic football leagues. Temperatures in Qatar can reach 40°C during the summer months.

As expected, a large number of World Cup-themed cryptocurrencies have appeared recently, including FIFA Shiba Inu, Baby World Cup Inu, FifaWorldCupInu, Fifa World Cup Inu, World Cup Token, and Qatar World Cup. But perhaps the most notable, due to the support of legendary Brazilian superstar Ronaldinho, is the Eno World Cup.

The former Barcelona and Milan midfielder has become a fan favorite based on his playmaking ability, technical skill and skill. In March 2020, Ronaldinho held a Custody For six months in Paraguay to enter the country with a false passport.

On October 19, Ronaldinho He tweeted his support for the World Cup icon Inu, adding that he was impressed by the DeFi innovation of the project.

The World Cup icon has been called Inu

Price data shows that the Inu World Cup started trading on September 27th. Peak price in dollars0.03397452 on October 17 It would have generated a net profit for the early adopters of 2100%.

Since then, the WCI has seen a sharp decline, with support at $0.01440661. Meanwhile, market value information is not available due to lack of circulating supply data. The developers revealed the total supply of 1,000,000,000 Tokens – The maximum width is relatively low.

World Cup Icon Inu
source: WCIUSD on CoinGecko.com

Ino World Cup It runs on the Ethereum blockchain and is available to trade on Uniswap and OpenOcean, with only 2% of its daily volume being conducted via the latter.

The token is described as a Web3 betting portal that enables token holders to gamble against others on the results of World Cup matches. In keeping with the gambling theme, it also has a lottery.

After I checked the codes, fat man He tweeted a warning to the crypto community, recommending users to “stay away” to be safe.

In particular, FatMan has raised concerns about the tax function, which gets rid of a percentage of all deals, saying that developers have already removed a significant amount from the tax pool.

Legitimate projects use transaction taxes to reinvest in the project or fund development costs, always with community approval.

Queen Gekko Note that the tax rate on the WCI is variable, which means that the tax rate can be increased at will. FatMan also noted this, adding that smart contract functionality enables developers to pause trading.

Commenting on the disbursement of the amount, Tweet embed He said these are legitimate expenses related to marketing costs.

CryptoSlate has reached out to World Cup Inu for comment, but no response has been received at the time of this report.

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