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Someone else was always in control. Bloody hell, it is. Yes, it’s Mark Zuckerberg in his underwear with his player helmet. And nothing is real.

“When we’re all in the metaverse”…that’s a statement I’ve heard a lot lately. I honestly don’t really know what that means. People say it like they know, but I don’t think they do. I don’t think anyone really does that. Except for Zuckerberg. Certainly Microsoft. Google is all involved. Data farmers are improving virtual milking machines as we speak. And don’t think you don’t actually have an anthropomorphic toe in the water. We have registered for years. The scary brand has been changed from “Facebook” to the referred to “Meta” game. I thought “that’s a bullshit name for a friendly way of communicating with friends”. However, this is not the purpose; It is simply seduction.

The Metaverse, this seemingly legendary place, is not legendary, and is coming soon. Apparently in the next five years. This digital front where the front door is not wood or glass, but rather the humble iPhone. I’m not convinced I want to go. I’m still paying for my mortgage in actual verse. I even joined a political party to try to save him. But our children in the future, they are leaving. They are going to a place where no old man dares to walk. I mean can you imagine granny in metaverse? “Where’s the kitchen button?” “This biscuit is bad.” Suddenly my grandmother left. No, she was not euthanized, she was deleted.

Some speak of the metaverse as equal nirvana. A place that heals the financial gulf that exists between the rich and the poor. Where there is no obstruction. No racial division. No sex. Only blue people who are able to physically move through space and time. This is the spatial computing platform where digital experiences are created as a replica of the real world. But do not worry. This is not a free world. Giants are busy figuring out how to own it so we can have all the civilizational aspects that are destroying and hurting us here. Things like currency, trade, economy and property ownership. Yes, very soon you will be able to buy heaps of nothing. If you are very successful, you will be able to own nothing more than anyone else.

Do we all really go to this place Where are the common-like creatures – half goats, half Zuckerbergs – eating virtual grass and blockchain? Where is the judgment for people who have sat in playrooms for the past decade? The same people who were forced into counseling because their mother was worried they were the school shooter? Concerned about violent video games and their lack of connection to the physical world, she never realized that they were actually exploring a parallel virtual plane. They weren’t evasive at all. They were not “games”. They were “training” for the future. Oh, and yes they are psychopaths but we are all together now.

Because in the metaverse you don’t have to be yourself anymore. You can create a whole new identity. So what happens in this virtual 3D space? Can it actually be hacked? Can I be raped online? Can we kill people in metaverses? If we get angry can we cut out their avatar? Can we cyberstalking? Could we be cyber stalkers? Who do we contact? Hypothetical cop? Do we call a cop and end up being a 14-year-old boy in Cornwall?

I find the idea of ​​a metaverse unsettling. You don’t feel safe. It feels like a more dangerous frontier than space. Life on Mars is less dangerous. It doesn’t even have air. The metaverse is the future of our science fiction, prepared for us by the New Gods: Computer Programmers and Investors. Meanwhile, in fact, in the actual universe, that universe in which our old, silly, unreformed bodies of flesh and bone live, we will be sitting in our underwear, in poverty, while the actual world burns. But we will be able to upload the avatar that invades the virtual world. In this metaverese as long as there is enough electricity and silicon, there are infinite resources. Unlike Earth, where resources are limited and life has some healthy uncontrollable randomness.

In the metaverse nothing is random. Everyone is in control. At least they think they are. Because someone else is in control.

Someone else was always in control. Bloody hell, it is. Yes, it’s Mark Zuckerberg in his underwear with his player helmet. And nothing is real. We are all characters in Zuckerberg’s virtual attempt to take over the world. There is a knock on the door.

It’s his mother. she is angry. He did not do his homework. game over.

Until next time.

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