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Feed3 and Fantom Tokens – The Next Bitcoin Killer Exploding Crypto

Feed3 and Fantom Tokens – The Next Bitcoin Killer Exploding Crypto

by IndustryTrends October 16 2022

Web 3.0 will be the next big revolution for digital assets and blockchain services. Powered by blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Web 3.0 economy will allow users to own and control their data while working in a decentralized, transparent, secure and more connected environment.

To understand the needs of your users, you need to create a product that is easy to use, intuitive and simply beautiful. Web 3.0 technology will enable you to tap into emerging talent, enhance connectivity and deliverables in existing products, and get early processing of what your users want before they know it themselves.

Feed3 (FD3) The creators focused on building the first audio feedback tool designed and developed to help the Web 3.0 community submit feedback about their experience. You can now provide your feedback after playing Web 3.0 games.

Feed3 is looking to explore the state of the Metaverse, thus expanding into new territory as time progresses. Now, you can also share feedback about your experiences in the metaverse.

The goal of the summary 3

Drop a review? Great, now with Feed3, you can leave your thoughts after using any web 3.0 product like P2E NFT game, Metaverse, DeFi, etc. The review will be verified by Freeda and validated through blockchain technology, allowing for the creation of an authentic reinforcing ecosystem. and reliable ratings.

What does the Feed3 icon stand for?

Feed3 rewards players with FD3 tokens. These FD3 tokens are the original tokens on the Feed3 platform. By sharing your feedback and opinions on Feed3, using your voice and words will allow you to earn while doing so. So, in addition to the Play-to-Earn form, you have the Feedback-to-Earn form (FB2E form).

Buy this token in the first pre-sale and earn 5% bonus on top. Also, purchasing FD3 within 15 minutes of registration rewards you with an additional 40% token reward.

Feed3 Smart Non-Fungible Icon Set

Feed3 has taken it upon itself to find a way to create opportunities for its members by connecting its AI-based model with a blockchain-based income generation solution. So, Feed3 set out from just being a quick feedback network.

So, in bridging the gap and nurturing sound financial resources, the innovators behind Feed3 have created a set of 10,000 smart NFTs referred to as iNFTs to power the FB2E model. So, to generate income, NFTs process your audio feedback and increase its value accordingly. Well, you can also choose to sell iNFTs at very reasonable rates.

Feed3 vs Bitcoin and Fantom

Project Feed3 is a new and unexplored area of ​​specialization in the history of Web 3.0. Thus, Feed3 will open the doors to more innovations like him. Feed3 will also improve projects like Bitcoin and Fantom while contributing significantly to the development of Web 3.0 through its feedback form.

Bitcoin and Phantom

According to CoinMarketCap, the crypto community recognizes Bitcoin as the first ever cryptocurrency to be used for anything at all. Alias ​​- Satoshi Nakamoto The first decentralized cryptocurrency in 2008 as the next big thing the world has ever seen.

However, some concepts were similar to bitcoin before its final release in 2009. Today, bitcoin holds the most value of any existing cryptocurrency.

The Fantom Network sources DeFi services for developers through consensus algorithms, according to CoinMarketCap. Using its native token, FTM, Fantom plans to focus on increasing smart contract transaction speeds, among other issues with these platforms.

How to buy FD3

How to buy FD3

In a Token Generation Event (TGE), Feed3 will unlock 30% of its FD3 Inventory. The presale of FD3 token will start at an initial price of $0.042, and in the second phase, it will be worth $0.048.

Subsequently, each week for the next seven weeks will see Feed3 release 10% of the tokens until the pre-sale rounds out. So, to join the cart early enough, you can go ahead to sign up for the pre-sale, and thus purchase the token before the sales start.

The time is now. Lock in prospects for FD3 codes, and you won’t regret it. Token presale is already in progress. Join this exciting new platform to enjoy the amazing rewards it has to offer.

Feed3 (FD3)




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