GITEX 2022: Medcare emerges as the first Metaverse Hospital in the UAE - News

GITEX 2022: Medcare emerges as the first Metaverse Hospital in the UAE – News

The healthcare chain aims to provide access and affordability with the massive rollout of Web 3.0

By Joydeep Sen Gupta

Posted: Friday, October 14, 2022, 5:47 pm

Medcare Hospitals and Medical Centers, under the direction of Aster DM Healthcare, emerged as the first medical facility in the UAE to be located in Metaverse, and won the historic race to the future by planning a large-scale rollout of its hospitals on Web 3.0.

Medcare is one of the largest healthcare provider chains in Dubai and Sharjah.

This is in line with Dubai’s vision to become a crossroads in the world with the government’s strategy announced in July.

To achieve this goal, Medcare has partnered with BIOMETAVERSE and announced its virtual presence through a live broadcast on October 11, 2022.

Hosted on a public cloud within the geographical boundaries of the UAE, the Metaverse healthcare facility aims to offer a glimpse into the real-life experience of Medcare Women and Children’s Hospital.

Medcare will use the metaverse in its medical tourism initiatives, giving potential patients an opportunity to have an immersive visual experience of the hospital facility, allowing for trust and transparency.

“With the introduction into the metaverse, we will set the standard for immersive virtual patient experience across the Medcare network,” said Alisha Moopen, Deputy General Manager, Aster DM Healthcare. “In the coming months, Medcare plans to launch Metaverse for Medcare Al Safa Hospital and Medcare Orthopedic and Spine Hospitals are working to enhance the functionality of the hospital. their existing Metaverse facility to elevate virtual patient experiences.”

Dr. Shanila Laijo, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Medcare Hospitals & Medical Centers said: “With this, we will provide real healthcare services by integrating the delivery of real-time consultations through our team of more than 400 medical experts. In the long term, we expect, Traditional “telemedicine” services should be replaced by the need for Metaverse interactions, allowing our patients to receive a more realistic and collaborative service.”

“Technology acceleration has revolutionized the healthcare industry with artificial intelligence (AI) augmented diagnostics – augmented diagnostics, robotic surgical care, genome sequencing, augmented reality, and scalable devices,” said Vinath Purushotaman, Chief Information Officer (CIO), Aster DM Healthcare. We are now entering a new era using technology not only for management systems and medical advances but also to enhance virtual patient journeys allowing for better informed decision-making and better access to care.”

“The purpose of the metaverse is to provide customers with an immersive experience when they are not physically able to exist. Therefore, in the healthcare sector, there are many areas where the metaverse will be beneficial. For example, during the Covid-19 pandemic due to travel restrictions and lockdowns, no People are able to visit hospitals. However, they still want to talk to their doctors, consult their doctors, or get some help in general. Metaverse is a tool that can provide patients with that holistic experience even when they are physically unable to be there.”

“We believe there are many benefits. We wanted to be realistic and look at use cases that offer benefits to patients. The first is that people will be able to have a first-hand look at facilities and infrastructure even when they are not able to visit a hospital when making the decision to utilize health services.” Whether they are not in Dubai or have any other restrictions that prevent them from visiting our hospital, the metaverse will allow them to experience a hospital visit and even feel like they are, said Puruchutaman.

“Something they had to do was travel to Dubai and visit different hospitals before making their decision. Another advantage that we see is allowing the patient or their family to talk to the doctor in a more personal and immersive way than by voice-VoIP call. The metaverse gives you a sitting experience. in front of a doctor or health care provider and have a conversation with them.”

According to him, the value that this solution provides is accessibility and affordability. “Accessibility, because you will be able to visit the hospital or speak with a healthcare provider in person, without having to actually visit the hospital. Affordability, because it saves you the cost of travel and accommodation in Dubai for that time. It also helps us build trust and transparency.”

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