Global Metaverse Market Research Report 2022-2027 with Company Analysis of Over 50 Metaverse Players

Global Metaverse Market Research Report 2022-2027 with Company Analysis of Over 50 Metaverse Players

DublinAnd the September 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – file “Metaverse Market by Technologies, Platforms, Solutions and Applications in Industry Segments 2022 – 2027” Report added to Show.

This report assesses the market opportunity for Metaverse vendors and ancillary service providers including infrastructure, hardware, software, and supporting services. The report includes a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the Metaverse market and related segments from 2022 to 2027.

The Metaverse will represent an interchange between the physical and virtual worlds to create a whole new world in which digital consumers and businesses engage in communications, applications, content and commerce.

Accordingly, many companies have already committed billions of dollars to Metaverse. Even government organizations get involved as evidenced by some countries’ thinking about opening ambassadorial relationships within the Metaverse. In general, the prevailing trend is cyber-physical exchange as a means to enrich society and provide the next prosperity of the digital economy.

More than just a consumer virtual reality solution, Metaverse will transform a large number of functional elements within enterprise and industrial sectors including sales, marketing and business operations.

This will impact virtually every vertical industry in a number of ways including enhancing the social media experience, improving business communications and improving overall productivity, creating an immersive experience across sales and marketing, revolutionizing online education, creating future blockchain applications, and ultimately becoming the future of the internet.

Select the results report:

  • The Metaverse digital asset markets will be a file $224.9 billion Opportunity by 2027
  • Blockchain solutions will arrive to support the Metaverse $148.6 billion by 2027
  • Virtual reality in the Metaverse will represent a $226.3 billion Opportunity by 2027
  • User generated content and social media will arrive within the Metaverse $82.9 billion by 2027
  • Financial services to support various forms of trading Metaverse will arrive almost 50 billion dollars by 2027

Main topics covered:

1.0 Executive Summary

2.0 Introduction
2.1 Definition of Metaverse
2.1.1 Conceptual framework: product/service/place/moment
2.1.2 Pillars / Layers Technology
2.1.3 Key Features
2.2 Metaverse building blocks
2.2.1 block 1: infrastructure
2.2.2 Building Block 2: Virtualization Engine
2.2.3 Core Element 3: Interface and Access
2.2.4 Block 4: User Experience and Use Cases
2.2.5 block 5: Tools and Standards
2.3 types of metaverses
2.3.1 Augmented Reality
2.3.2 Virtual Reality
2.3.3 Lifelogging
2.3.4 Inverted worlds
2.4 Metaverse development timeline
2.4.1 Today: Virtual Reality as a Digital Escape
2.4.2 Near Term: Augmented Reality to Enhance the Human Experience
2.4.3 In the long term: BCI as the ultimate platform
2.5 Rational Metaverse of Business
2.6 Web 3 and the Metaverse
2.7 Dynamic Market Analysis
2.7.1 Growth Engine Analysis
2.7.2 Market Challenge Analysis
2.7.3 Market Opportunity Analysis
2.8 The epidemic is a market driver for Metaverse
2.9 Value Chain Analysis
2.9.1 Equipment and Equipment Providers
2.9.2 Infrastructure Solution Providers
2.9.3 Software Solution Providers
2.9.4 Platform Providers
2.9.5 Content Providers
2.9.6 AI Companies
2.9.7 Empowering Technology Providers
2.10 Industry Development
2.10.1 Transaction, acquisition, investment and alliance analysis
2.10.2 Technology cooperation analysis

3.0 Metaverse Technology and Application Analysis
3.1 Analysis of Metaverse Technology
3.1.1 Blockchain
3.1.2 Virtual and Augmented Reality
3.1.3 Mixed Reality
3.1.4 Brain-computer interfaces
3.2 Enabling Technology Analysis
3.2.1 NFTs
3.2.2 Artificial Intelligence
3.2.3 Internet and 5G network
3.2.4 3D Modeling
3.2.5 edge computing
3.2.6 Technology and digital twin solutions
3.2.7 Cryptocurrency
3.3 Analyzing Hardware / Hardware Metaverse
3.3.1 displays
3.3.2 Extended Reality Devices Sensors and haptic devices Omni Walkers Smart Glasses
3.3.3 AR / VR Headphones
3.4 Metaverse Software: Asset Creation Tool vs. Programming Engines
3.5 Analysis of the Metaverse Platform
3.5.1 Desktop Platform
3.5.2 Mobile platform
3.5.3 console platform
3.5.4 Headphones / Wearable Platform
3.6 Metaverse Sales Channel: Direct vs. Distribution
3.7 Metaverse Application Analysis
3.7.1 Financial Institutions
3.7.2 Retail & Fashion
3.7.3 Media and entertainment
3.7.4 Real Estate
3.7.5 Education
3.7.6 Airspace
3.7.7 cars
3.7.8 Healthcare
3.7.9 Manufacturing
3.7.10 army
3.8 Metaverse ecosystem

4.0 Metaverse Analysis
4.1 Meta Platforms Inc.
4.2 Apple
4.3 Google
4.4 Tencent collectibles
4.5 ByteDance Ltd.
4.6 NetEase Corporation
4.7 Nvidia Corporation
4.8 Unity Technologies Inc.
4.9 Lilith Games
4.10 Nextech AR Solution Corp.
4.11 Active Theory
4.12 Decentraland
4.13 Microsoft Corporation
4.14 Globant
4.15 Alibaba cloud
4.16 Magic Leap Company
4.17 kiplin
4.18 HoYoverse (@miHoYo)
4.19 ZQ
4.20 Sony Corporation
4.21 GoMeta
4.22 Niantic
4.23 valve
4.24 Baidu
4.25 Somnium area
4.26 Binance
4.27 Walmart
4.28 Nike Company
4.29 GAP Company
4.30 Verizon
4.31 Hollow y
4.32 Netflix
4.33 adidas
4.34 Atari Corporation
4.35 HyperVerse
4.36 Nakamoto games
4.37 Sandbox
4.38 Roblox Corporation
4.39 Epic Games Inc.
4.40 Blocktopia
4.41 Cryptofoxilis
4.42 Mitahiro
4.43 star atlas
4.44 Poly Heroes
4.45 a rare one
4.46 loca
4.47 Studio Cup
4.48 zip
4.49 NextMeet
4.50 ZQGame
4.51 Larva Labs (Yuga Labs)
4.52 Sky Mavis
4.53 Sorari
4.54 rare

5.0 Metaverse Market Analysis And Forecast 2022 – 2027
5.1 Global Metaverse Revenue
5.1.1 Global Metaverse Market by Type Global Metaverse Market by Device Type Global Metaverse Market by Device Type XR Global Metaverse Market by Program Type Global Metaverse Market by Service Type Global Metaverse Market by Professional Service Type
5.1.2 Global Metaverse Market by Platform Type
5.1.3 Global Metaverse Market by Technology Type
5.1.4 Global Metaverse Market by Solution Type
5.1.5 Global Metaverse Market by Application Type
5.1.6 Global Metaverse Market By Vertical Industry
5.1.7 Global Metaverse Market by Sales Channel
5.1.8 Global Metaverse NFT Market
5.1.9 Metaverse Market by Region
5.2 Global Metaverse Users
5.2.1 Global Metaverse user by platform
5.2.2 Global Metaverse User by Application
5.2.3 Global Metaverse User by Industry
5.2.4 Global Metaverse NFT User
5.2.5 Global Metaverse User by Region

6.0 Conclusions and Recommendations

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