Green Earth Blockchain Token (GEBT) has been launched on crypto exchanges in Europe and Asia

Green Earth Blockchain Token (GEBT) has been launched on crypto exchanges in Europe and Asia

London, United Kingdom – (NewMediaWire) – October 21, 2022 – (King News Wire) Green Earth Blockchain aims to bring transparency into the global food supply chain to combat fraud and food fraud, and the Green Earth Blockchain Token (GEBT) is the tool of this unique project that will track physical supply chains using the blockchain.

The Green Earth Blockchain Token (GEBT) was launched this week on two crypto exchanges in Europe and Asia to enable global participation in this unique blockchain project that will work with the global food industry and a wide range of natural products and natural resources.

GEBT tokens are now listed on in Europe, and in Asia, with a launch price of $1 USD. The total token supply is limited to 1 billion tokens, which will be issued over 10 years. A small percentage of the total token supply is offered on exchanges to enable participation in the project and to increase the user base of the token. GEBT tokens will be listed on a handful of other exchanges in the coming months to increase presence in key regional markets such as the Middle East, India, the Far East and North America.

Green Earth Blockchain works to bring transparency into the food supply chain, by evaluating, validating and promoting all natural food products that are produced without adulteration or harmful chemicals such as pesticides, dyes etc.

Food quality is a major problem worldwide, and the lack of transparency leads to food fraud or food fraud. Surveys conducted by food regulatory bodies such as the US FDA, UK FSA and FSSAI India have found that 10 to 30 percent of food samples do not meet the necessary standards. Harmful substances and prohibited chemicals are added to foods, causing many health problems. People are affected in every country. India and China have the highest proportion of non-conforming food samples.

Green Earth Blockchain will bring transparency to the food supply chain. Each food product transaction will be visible on the blockchain, showing all the participants in the transaction, from the farmer or food producer to the consumer. Food producers that cannot show traceability and transparency at the source level will not be able to join the Green Earth Blockchain.

Such a level of transparency has never been achieved before. It could bring devastating change to the global food industry, which is around $11 trillion annually in size.

The Green Earth Blockchain founders and core team have over 20 years of experience in natural agriculture, forestry development, natural ecosystems, food supply chain, import/export, logistics, software industry, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology provides the world’s fastest path back to sustainable paths, and GEBT aims to lead this path, as it connects the founders’ experience in environmental conservation, natural food, and community engagement with the transparency that blockchain provides.

Top 5 Benefits of Green Earth Blockchain

1. Lower costs: Transparency in the food supply chain introduced by the Green Earth Blockchain can significantly reduce the costs of organic foods, and make them more accessible to more consumers.

2. Increased sales to customers/partners: Real food producers and food e-commerce companies will get a global view of their products, and their sales will increase due to their participation in the Green Earth Blockchain.

3. Social Impact: Rural and tribal communities that often produce high-quality natural foods in remote locations, will get the credit and income they deserve for their high-quality products, because the Green Earth Blockchain will prove their authenticity, and customers will be able to see who the real producers are and who aren’t.

4. Global Certification: No separate organic or bio certifications will be required, as the inclusion of food products on the Green Earth Blockchain will itself be a visible certification of quality to consumers around the world.

5. Food price index: Customers will be able to see the actual cost of genuine food products, which will increase awareness of real costs, and will force many food producers to justify their artificial prices, and clean up their supply chain if they want to gain customers’ trust.

Disclaimer: The Green Earth Blockchain Token (GEBT) is a utility token dedicated to the work of the Green Earth Blockchain Project. GEBT tokens do not represent any asset or security, and there are no guarantees of any kind regarding the high price of the token.

About Green Earth Blockchain

Green Earth Blockchain aims to bring transparency to the global food supply chain and other natural resources, and create a global platform to authenticate and reward all genuine participants involved in food and natural resources. The Green Earth Blockchain Token (GEBT) is a tool of change, and the token will support and strengthen honest food producers nationally and internationally. GEBT tokens will be used to reward millions of users around the world for their participation. Green Earth Blockchain aims to be a standard of credibility based on transparency. To learn more, please visit and follow Tweet embed on Twitter.

Source: Green Earth Blockchain Ltd.


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