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Growth Opportunities for Blockchain in Electronic Warfare and

Dublin, October 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The “Blockchain Growth Opportunities in Electronic Warfare and National Security” Report added to Show.

The increasing frequency of attacks on national assets and the development of cyber threats threaten the country’s ability to defend itself from cyber warfare strategies. Expansion of the application of deep fake AI against dominant political figures, hijacking of people of national interest on social media, unauthorized penetration of defense networks, and ransom demands threatening complete network disruption have forced government officials to expand their defense horizon.

Despite the ever-growing landscape of threats and their incredibly high-risk characteristics, government organizations are still far behind where they should be in terms of cybersecurity and digital resilience strategies, necessitating a rapid push to fortify cyber defenses and manage their cyber risk profiles.

Cyber ​​attacks on critical assets will increase, and blockchain will be at the heart of successfully avoiding them. Blockchain adoption will enable officials to have a better view of actions at various junctions of the government value chain. The technology will be extremely useful for sectors such as managing digital identities, regulating international financial settlements, and securing defense procurement and weapons systems. Moreover, future battlefields will use computer-controlled and IoT-based communication platforms. Blockchain will be a vital component in coding and protecting battlefield strategies.

Blockchain will play a pivotal role in helping administrators gain better insight and develop robust data management guidelines. These guidelines will help officials in the transition towards a digital economy, address various management challenges with regard to urbanization (smart city infrastructure), and organize the supply chain for defense procurement.

Extensive use of IoT-based communications across various services leads to the generation of huge amount of data, which is vulnerable to cyber attacks. Smart city solutions, such as smart grids, digital healthcare, and smart traffic solutions, deploy various IoT devices and sensors that require authorized blockchain networks to protect city data. Blockchain technology will be pivotal in protecting critical infrastructures, such as smart grids, healthcare records, and mobility.

Key issues addressed

  • What is the role of the blockchain in securing the national defense strategy?
  • How can blockchain tackle issues related to border management and immigration?
  • What is the potential of applying blockchain in securing critical infrastructure?
  • What are the best practices among developed countries that have adopted e-governance platforms?
  • What are the most important growth opportunities for participants in this field?

Main topics covered:

1. Trends of strategic imperatives

  • Why is it getting harder to grow?
  • 8T Strategic Determinism
  • Our World Mega Trend: Overview
  • Growth Opportunities Fuel T . Growth Pipeline Engine
  • About the growth pipeline model

2. Executive dashboard

  • Our Huge World: Blockchain’s Impact on Cyberwar
  • Main results
  • Growth opportunities are essential to future success

3. Strategic context

  • The National Security Threat Horizon: The Future
  • Blockchain definition
  • Types of Blockchain
  • National Cyber ​​Resilience Driven by Blockchain Technology: The Reason
  • What Blockchain Can Offer National Officials
  • Blockchain to enhance national cyber security
  • Blockchain usage framework in a national ecosystem
  • Strategic Pillars Driving a Blockchain-Powered Nation
  • Smart City Platforms: A Catalyst for Blockchain Growth
  • CIA Attacks: Threats to Homeland Security
  • The Evolution of Cyber ​​Threats: The Blockchain Inevitability
  • Impact Matrix of Attacks on National Assets: Global
  • Blockchain’s Role in Securing Future Battlegrounds: 2030
  • The future of national defense lies in technological readiness

4. Regional Effects

  • Opportunity trend: regional exposure
  • The Importance of Blockchain in the Governance Ecosystem
  • Main direction chance levers
  • Trend Chance: Gravity Analysis

5. Blockchain in Electronic Warfare and National Security: Application Areas

  • Blockchain in National Defense Resilience
  • Blockchain Securing National Borders
  • Blockchain Secure CI
  • Blockchain Building the Economic Resilience of a Nation
  • Blockchain in creating e-governance models
  • Blockchain-based digital identity for e-governance

6. Trend Impact Analysis

  • Trend Impact Opportunity and Certainty Analysis
  • Trend Chance Perturbation Indicator
  • The degree of gravity of directional turbulence
  • trend opportunity growth indicator
  • The degree of attractiveness of growth
  • Trends Bates Archeology

7. The universe’s growth opportunities

  • Growth Opportunity 1: Blockchain to Help with Smart Police Solutions
  • Growth Opportunity 2: Blockchain to Strengthen Military Strategy
  • Growth Opportunity 3: Blockchain to Enhance Physical Security of National Borders and Critical Infrastructure
  • Success factors critical to growth
  • Conclusion: the way forward

8. Appendix

9. Next steps

  • Determine your company’s growth area
  • List of exhibits
  • Legal Disclaimer

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