Hillshire Farm® brand launches iconic Red Barn in the Metaverse, bringing farm missions to visitors to Decentraland

Hillshire Farm® brand launches iconic Red Barn in the Metaverse, bringing farm missions to visitors to Decentraland

Barn guests can participate in challenges to earn virtual prizes

Springdale, Ark.And the October 26 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Hillshire Farm® The brand, known for farm-inspired craftsmanship in every recipe, entered the metaverse for the first time with red barn.

The barn features an interactive gaming experience in decentralization, which is a browser-based platform in the 3D virtual world. Visitors to the Hillshire Farm™ barn will be greeted by a farmer-inspired NPC who will share key locations to visit within the game and mission details. Users are challenged to build a sandwich as quickly as possible using the ingredients available on the farm.

Quest players will earn “Barn Bucks,” a cashless in-game currency that can be used to unlock an exclusive Hillshire farm In-game wearables, such as The Rope Sausage Belt and The Farm Overalls.

“We wanted to create an interactive consumer experience that matches the level of care and craftsmanship we put into each of our products,” he said. Courtney BallantiniVice President of Marketing Communications with Tyson Foods. “Virtual reality is giving marketers a new way to creatively bring brands to life while providing entertainment value. We are excited about the future possibilities of our brands in the metaverse.”

The Hillshire farm The barn was built in partnership with the British company metaverse Technology, LandVaultthe largest platform-neutral metaverse builder.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Hillshire Farm brand as they enter the Metaverse and provide players with an enjoyable and rewarding experience,” Samuel Huber, founder and CEO of LandVault. “As the Metaverse continues to gain more traction, it has become imperative for traditional and respected mainstream brands to feel comfortable with virtual worlds and prepare to fully embrace the web 3 centric future.”

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About the Hillshire Farm

Hillshire farm The brand has been providing quality meat products since 1934. Our products are versatile, easy to use, and available in convenient, freshly prepared packages in a variety of cuts, sizes and flavours. The Hillshire farm Include wallet Hillshire farm lunch meat, smoked sausage, fresh sausage, Lit’l Smokies Hillshire Farm Snacked Kids Cocktail Links and Snack Packs! Brand. For more information on these products and the Hillshire Farm brand, visit www.hillshirefarm.com For additional information.

About LandVault

Not long after establishing itself as a leader in building the metaverse, LandVault began working with Admix, a leader in helping major brands become relevant in virtual worlds across the gaming world through its technology. As Synergy has become more consistent over time, LandVault and Admix have merged into a single entity that can provide a suite of solutions for major brands to enter the virtual and virtual worlds with purposeful interaction. Today, LandVault is a leading global metaverse development studio with over 100 employees worldwide, a strong community of experts, and a leadership team that is always pushing the boundaries of what is possible for the future. This is why LandVault is the metaverse resource of choice for many of the world’s largest brands. For more information, please visit the website: https://landvault.io/

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