How Hackathons Strengthen the Blockchain and Web3 Community

How Hackathons Strengthen the Blockchain and Web3 Community

It’s been about a month and a half since ETHWarsaw 2022, the Polish capital, hosted the largest Web3 conference and hackathon in the Central and Eastern Europe region. BeInCrypto was on hand as a media partner and we had some really lively and insightful discussions over the four days of the event starting September 1st.

The hackathon was one of the highlights ETHWarsaw 2022. This came after the first two days of the conference and included overnight “hacks” that provided “opportunities for teams and individuals to gain hands-on, hands-on experience working with advanced applications and tools.” There were also $50,000 prizes to win from various competitions.

However, it was the most valuable addition to the hackathon The stage you set for the blockchain and web3 community to connect, exchange ideas, and forge new alliances and collaborations. We took the opportunity to discuss this with the many industry insiders who participated in the event.

We asked them how events like the ETHWarsaw hackathon help build community, and almost all of them unanimously agreed that hackathons actually strengthen the Web3 community. More on that in a bit.

Web3 Hackathon Benefits

For those who are outside the loop, the hackathon is an event where developers, non-technical founders, and other creators can come together to build a solution to problems presented before them as a challenge.

Hackathons provide excellent opportunities for existing and new web 3 developers when it comes to turning ideas into actual products, possibly a web 3 startup backed by VCs.

The main benefits of Web Hackathon 3 include:

The hackathon promotes collaboration and healthy competitions

“Community has always been the pulse of the web3 world. Hackathons are a great hands-on approach that brings your wizards together to solve a real problem with limited time,” said Araba Souder, VP of Marketing at Halborn, in a conversation with BeInCrypto.

Hackathons, by design, aim to evoke a competitive spirit among the participating teams. At the same time, they can also lead a growing industry to come together and act as a closely interconnected community with a common goal of growth (often fueled by healthy competition).

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“The connections that are formed during the hackathon with companies and other people around the ‘let’s win this’ mentality often remain strong. It’s very common for the developers, hackers and enthusiasts you meet in the process to become your next teammates or even the next founders. For Halborn, this is a great way to get started. To discover and nurture developed talents.

Hackathons make way for new talents

This applies not only to the Web 3 hackathon, but any other hackathon for that matter.

With the hackathon, the awkward resumes and personal questions are almost gone. They instead make it easier for recruiters to focus on skilled and deserving candidates. You can also think of hackathons as an end-to-end solution where recruiters can evaluate candidates based on their skills, problem-solving abilities, time management, and interpersonal skills.

Corina Dolger, Project Manager (Growth) at MakerDAO, detailed this point by sharing her company’s recent experience with ETHWarsaw 2022.

Daughter said: “Conferences and hackathons are in general an indispensable opportunity for Web3 companies and DAOs to attract new talent and ETHWarsaw has done a fantastic job in providing everyone with the right space, tools and connections to do just that.

We were very pleased to be a part of it and look forward to seeing the Polish community grow in Web3 and Web3 DeFi environmental system.”

Helps web 2 developers adapt better to the web 3 landscape

Web3 Hackathon provides the perfect platform where 3 web developers can practice on 3 web applications. Not only that, but even experienced web 3 developers get additional resources including advanced technology stack to build and experiment.

“Most Web2 developers need help understanding how to apply their extensive knowledge in the blockchain and crypto industry,” said Vitaly Yakovlev, chief technology officer and co-founder of ZKX.

He added, “Similarly, the majority of Web3 developers are still not involved in the latest and most advanced blockchain technologies. We see the mission of every major conference to be bilateral – sharing and exchanging ideas about the latest developments within the industry as well as spreading knowledge about the opportunities in web3 to those new to it. on it.”

In other words, hackathons give developers the opportunity to apply all the skills they have learned from different sources including Web 3 online. CoursesAnd seminars and workshops, countless blockchain newsletters, and what have you!

…and that’s not all

Note that these are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg regarding the benefits of the Web 3 Hackathon. There are many, including but not limited to:

  • Finding a community of like-minded individuals who share the passion and drive to create unique web3 products.
  • Learn from the best experts in the industry.
  • Get hands-on training in your knowledge of Web 3 in solving real-life problems.
  • Learn how to approach building new and original products using the resources at your disposal.
  • Finding new project ideas.
  • Win attractive rewards for your achievements.
  • Network with like-minded Web 3 professionals, investors, analysts, fund managers, and potential partners.

As Thiago Earp, Content Lead at Ramp, says, “Like its spiritual predecessor, the open source movement, Web3 is built from the edges: from a group of brilliant misfits who spent nights and weekends giving shape and direction Bitcointo the thousands of minds who are reimagining finance via DAOs.

These communities are part of the Web3 fabric. From the early days, forums, casual get-togethers, and hackathons where volunteers came together to build a massive momentum for the space have formed.”

If web3 is a team sport, then web3 hackathons are the platforms where teams come together to explore new horizons.


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