Indonesia Blockchain Conference 2022 Successfully Held Using Metaverse Platform Through Local Project

Indonesia Blockchain Conference 2022 Successfully Held Using Metaverse Platform Through Local Project

Jakarta, IndonesiaAnd the September 27 2022 /PRNewswire/ – The 2022 Indonesia Blockchain Conference (IBC) has become part of the agenda of Indonesia’s G20 Presidency sponsored by RicoAnd the Gudang CryptoAnd the UpbitAnd the Endodex It was successfully held again this year by the Indonesian Blockchain Association (ABI) on Thursday (15/09) which discussed 5 major topics, including Blockchain and Business Sustainability, Promoting ASEAN’s Digital Economy through Blockchain, Adopting and Optimizing CBDC, Metaverse and Web 3.0And the The pinnacle of encryption innovation By introducing local and international experts in their fields, government institutions, industry leaders, and various supportive associations, including the Ministry of Commerce, the Coordination of Economic Affairs, the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), Blockchain Australia, Blockchain Association Singapore (BAS) and ACCESS Blockchain Association Malaysia, Digital Pilipinas and several global blockchain companies with a total of 1,227 participants. “IBC 2022 is a form of ABI’s contribution to blockchain technology education and literacy as well as a showcase of use cases already working in Indonesiaas well as a facility for the community, business and government actors, and academics to collaborate in developing a better and healthier blockchain ecosystem.”

Speakers IBC 2022

Jevan Tulsani, Head of Marketing at Tezos APAC . said:: “IBC 2022 could be the first step for non-blockchain users to adopt Web 3.0, but for blockchain users, IBC 2022 is a comprehensive experience due to the discussion around blockchain innovation.” Jeevan stressed that IBC 2022 could be “a great way to share knowledge. As leaders from different organizations come together in the blockchain world, many ideas also emerge and the participants will be the ones who will get a lot of ideas, which is very good for the community that wants the Indonesian Blockchain Association.” build it.”

IBC 2022 is different from previous years because this is the first time that ABI has partnered with Reality Chain to showcase IBC 2022 directly on the metaverse platform to provide a special and unique experience for participants. Reality Chain is a metaverse platform that offers not only digital space, but also land ownership, buildings, tickets, costumes, and even avatars that can create exchange value. Asih said the reason why IBC 2022 is doing this is “some form of relevance to the topics discussed in one of the sessions, namely: Metaverse and Web 3.0where IBC 2022 participants can experience the metaverse world he created Nation’s generation who already depends on Web 3.0 Which is very much appreciated.” Pandu Sastrowardoyo, founder of Reality Chain as well as the ABI Supervisory Board, said: “The current trend and evolution of the metaverse is very exciting because in fact, this metaverse has been around for a very long time but only now has it gone viral again. In particular, the issue of ownership of digital objects and it is estimated that metaverse development will continue to rise in the future so that Indonesia We should not be left behind in the development of this metaverse. “IBC 2022 is a good opportunity for Pandu” to highlight that our metaverse is the first metaverse made by the Indonesian younger generation that has been established since early 2021 and we are also the only one who has encryptionAnd blockchain and Web 3.0 technology support which is also interesting. Not only as normal metaverses but also as service metaverses.”

The IBC 2022 event is also in line with the government’s program in providing public education on renewable technology, particularly in the field of blockchain. According to Edi Prio Pambudi as Deputy Coordinator of International Economic Cooperation at the Ministry for Coordination of Economic Affairs, “Blockchain, as a relatively new technology, requires a drive to make it more efficient. Therefore, public education is important to foster creativity and the government is always ready to support the adoption of technology so that it is of value to the broader community. .”

Yos Adiguna Genting as Chairman of the International Trade Standing Committee of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry also gave his opinion on the IBC 2022 event. According to Yos, “The IBC 2022 event introduces the committee members who are not only complete in scope but also individuals who are highly proficient in their field. aspect of selecting the most current topics that are most relevant to the blockchain community. The discussion at IBC 2022 can add insight to the participants.” Yoss also hopes that “IBC 2023 will be able to increase the level of panel members and complete representation from government, academics and business actors so that the number of participants is The benefits are greater.”

Source: Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia

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