IOTA Cryptocurrency Price Predictions for October

IOTA Cryptocurrency Price Predictions for October

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The IOTA crypto continues to print higher lows and is now up over 3.5% in the last 24 hours. Technical indicators are also indicating that IOTA may soon advance to the $0.30 price levels.

Will IOTA start pumping again soon?

IOTA Cryptocurrency Price Predictions for October

Over the past 150 days, IOTA has been trading within a consolidation pattern between $0.387 and $0.232.

If the blockchain markets turn bullish later in October, there is a good chance we will see IOTA attempt to retest the next resistance level at $0.34 and possibly then secure the next technical target of $0.45.

The current prices we see today for IOTA have also been reversed in the past during the 2018-2020 bear markets, leaving us wondering if IOTA is undervalued now?

IOTA / USDT – weekly time frame.

Purchasing IOTA in March 2020 during the Covid-19 crash would have provided investors with up to 5,000% gains if they had been held to their bullish peak in 2021.

From a technical analysis perspective, IOTA looks somewhat bearish, but the current price levels could lead to solid gains for the next bullish cryptocurrency if history decides to repeat itself.

IOTA / USDT – daily time frame.

IOTA has been trading on this private channel for over 150 days since the May Terra Luna crash.

The bullish scenario is that IOTA regains back up to $0.34 and then continues pumping up to $0.45. This particular stimulus wave will see prices rise by approximately 74.33%.

It is difficult to say what could happen to the crypto markets over the next few weeks, but if IOTA manages to consolidate further during October, there is a good chance of a breakout to the upside.

$0.249 acts as a key support level which is vital so you don’t get lost or we can see that IOTA is likely to drop to $0.23 or below. This would be a new local low for this specific market cycle and would be devastating for long-term stockholders.

IOTA encoder video analysis

Carbon offsetting alternative to IMPT token for IOTA?

IOTA is one of the most sustainable crypto options that blockchain markets have to offer, but a new competitor known as IMPT Token has arrived.

The IMPT platform provides an effective carbon offset program where you as a potential investor can contribute to an ecosystem that connects socially responsible brands with companies and individuals who want to reduce their carbon emissions.

While IOTA still has the potential to pump in excess of 10x and has made impressive feats, you may have to wait until the next cryptocurrency bull in 2024-2025 to realize these returns.

The IMPT token is currently in pre-sale and has already raised a whopping $3,670,217 in just over a week. There is a good chance that it will be launched for public sale in the first quarter of 2023 and holders are anticipating huge upside potential of up to 50x.

If you find yourself somewhat bored with the current state of play of the crypto markets, the IMPT token could shed some light on your wallet and be the next coin to explode in this bear market.

Interested parties can head over to the official website to research the white paper and secure IMPT tokens today before they are sold.

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