Kanye West Rocks Bitcoin (BTC) Founder Satoshi Hat, but Gets Kicked out by JP Morgan

Kanye West Rocks Bitcoin (BTC) Founder of Satoshi Hat, But Was Kicked Off by JP Morgan By DailyCoin

© Reuters. Kanye West Rocks Bitcoin (BTC) Founder of Satoshi Hat, But He Was Fired by JP Morgan

Controversial rapper and producer Yi, formerly known as Kanye West, was seen outside the JP Morgan branch wearing a Satoshi Nakamoto hat. The hip-hop artist has officially cut ties with JP Morgan, giving Yeezy LLC and Ye until November 21, 2022 to transfer account funds elsewhere.

$140 million in question amid anti-Semitism controversy

The event comes just days after Yi’s Twitter rampage, where he made a series of anti-Semitic comments, threatening that he would “go to Death Con 3 on the Jewish people.” The famous American rapper was urged to reconsider his use of the platform by users, and was subsequently banned from Twitter and Instagram simultaneously.

The rapper’s hate speech received strong backlash, but it wasn’t the first such incident. It has previously been claimed that Sean Combs, better known as “P. Diddy,” is “controlled by Jews.” Diddy, the famous hip-hop mogul known for his signature dance moves in hip-hop music videos in the early 20th century, declined to comment on the situation.

On the other hand, social influencer and crypto enthusiast David Gokhshtein suggested that Ye should consider hoarding $140 million in BTC.

Ye shut up on Fox News

As a result of the engagement, Fox News made the decision to cancel its planned feature on Ye. As if that wasn’t enough, Yi later started on the talk show “The Shop” with LeBron James, to be later called out for “promoting very serious stereotypes.” On the other side of the coin, Yi expressed sympathy for a person’s daily struggles with greedy central banks in a recent interview, asking the rhetorical question: “If c. B. Morgan Chase (NYSE 🙂 He treats me this way, how do they treat the rest of you all? “.

Bitcoin Critical Recognition Points (BTC)

In other celebrity adoption news, investor Michael Saylor recently went on record to assure investors that “Bitcoin lasts forever.” While the identity of the pioneering digital asset founder remains uncertain, with no fewer than 5 justified and acceptable candidates to claim, today marks three years since the introduction of “satoshi” into the Oxford English Dictionary, defined as “the smallest monetary unit in the system.” Bitcoin digital payment.

The general acceptance of Bitcoin (BTC) is demonstrated worldwide, with notable examples of its adoption being at McDonald’s restaurants in Lugano, Switzerland, and the Bitcoin City in El Salvador, and its use in public transportation in South Korea. However, a prolonged crypto winter has affected the speed of hash adoption, as evidenced by the “Fear and Greed Index” appearing at 20 on the scale at the time of writing, indicating a feeling of “fear” over the past 24 hours.

on the flip side

  • JP Morgan’s removal of Ye from its client list provides an excellent example of the opaque treatment of users by central banking institutions.

Why should you care

With the music industry’s best-selling artists showing their support for Bitcoin (BTC), the potential for it to be included in pop culture is growing.

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