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Kirsty Barany of Clear Sparrow is using the BSV blockchain to make online dating safe again

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There are over 320 million people on online dating apps today, and that number is growing faster than ever as the Internet continues to grow. In the United States, more than one in three couples in the past three years Say They met online. However, despite this growth, online dating is still a medium risky case For the many who end up being ‘fished’, lied to, or deceived (remember Tender Swindler?). Kirsty Barany is making online dating safe again and is doing it all on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

Barani is the founder and CEO of sparrow scan, a company that allows Internet data to exchange information that can be easily verifiable before or even during a date. This gives a person a better picture of who they are going on a date with, giving them a sense of security and allowing them to enjoy their date.

Barani was in Dubai for a wedding BSV Global Blockchain AgreementBecky Liggero of CoinGeek Backstage met her on the sidelines of the event to talk about online dating, the BSV blockchain, and more.

It all started when Barany, an experienced cybersecurity expert, was invited by a friend to attend a BSV event. She was introduced to BSV’s infinite range, stable protocol, and extremely low fees, and by the end of that, she was convinced that this was the best network to build her application on.

The use of the blockchain is essential to Clear Sparrow, allowing users to share their sensitive data without compromising its integrity. It also allows users to be the ultimate owners of their own data, most of which is available to businesses such as healthcare providers and government institutions.

“One of the things I love about this technology is the ability to return data to the real owner, [and that is] user,” she said.

Honesty, trust, and integrity are not the virtues that have gone hand in hand with online dating for so long. one study have found that 57% of online data lied to their profiles; Another person discovered that those who use dating sites are twice as likely to fall victim to a cybersecurity incident; while after another have found Romance scams are the most common type of scam in the United States.

Barani believes that for any blockchain network to be able to boost the online dating world, “it has to scale, and it has to be fast. That’s what this technology is.” [BSV] He does for us.”

And while it came for technology, it stayed for the people. Barani noted that the BSV ecosystem was very welcoming, and most of the people she interviewed offered to help in any way they could.

“It is a beautiful ecosystem. They are very welcoming and will welcome your idea and then improve on it.”

Barany is headquartered in Miami, a city that is quickly gaining fame Technology Center. BSV is prominent in the city, with quite a few groundbreaking apps created from Miami, and with the Florida Citadel, the BSV community will become even stronger.

Barani has been everywhere during Miami’s transformation into a tech destination, and as she told CoinGeek Backstage, the past four years have seen the fastest growth.

“We’ve received talent from New York, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area. It’s an incredible amount of talent gathering in Miami…Everyone is working on something great,” she stated.

While the talent has been around for years, this wave of growth is also attracting financiers who are flocking to Miami to discover the next big thing.

This combination of serious investors, talented entrepreneurs, and an enabling environment “managed to create really great technology. You’re going to see a lot of great things come out of Miami.”

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